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Ergonomics Journal Best Paper Award Shortlisted Articles

This award, formerly the Liberty Mutual Award, recognises the paper published in the journal ‘Ergonomics’ that best contributes to the advancement of the practice of ergonomics, as judged by the editors. The Liberty Mutual Research Institute for Safety and the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors (CIEHF) established the Liberty Mutual Award to promote excellence in safety and health research. The winner of the 2021 Ergonomics Journal Best Paper Award will be announced at the CIEHF Annual Conference in April 2021. The winning article will be made free to access for one year. Below are the shortlisted articles for the 2021 Award.

Year Author(s) Title Volume Issue
2020 Stephanie E. Chappel et al. The accumulation of, and associations between, nurses’ activity levels within their shift in the emergency department 63 12
2020 Christin Gerhardt et al. Work and sleep quality in railway employees: an actigraphy study 63 1
2020 Omar Faruqe Hamim et al. Representing two road traffic collisions in one Accimap: highlighting the importance of emergency response and enforcement in a low-income country 63 12
2020 K. L. Hinde et al. Inspiratory muscle training at sea level improves the strength of inspiratory muscles during load carriage in cold-hypoxia 63 12
2020 Amir Mehdizadeh et al. Job rotation and work-related musculoskeletal disorders: a fatigue-failure perspective 63 4
2020 Greta Ontrup et al. Does simulation-based training in medical education need additional stressors? An experimental study 63 1
2020 Richard Pak et al. Factors that affect younger and older adults’ causal attributions of robot behaviour 63 4
2020 Juergen Sauer, Andreas Sonderegger & Sven Schmutz Usability, user experience and accessibility: towards an integrative model 63 10
2020 Ben D. Sawyer et al. Glanceable, legible typography over complex backgrounds, Ergonomics 63 7
2020 Changwon Son et al. Muddling through troubled water: resilient performance of incident management teams during Hurricane Harvey 63 6
2020 Kuang-Chin Tai Using a ripple wall to help blind people measure the water level in a container, Ergonomics 63 12
2020 Michael J. Tipton et al. The thermal demands of flood rescue and impacts on task performance 63 1
2020 Rudolf Wall et al. Physiological changes during prolonged standing and walking considering age, gender and standing work experience 63 5
2020 Chongyang Wang, Liangchang Shen & Wenguo Weng Experimental study on individual risk in crowds based on exerted force and human perceptions 63 7

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