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Epigenetics Reports is a new community focused journal, joining flagship title Epigenetics in further establishing a committed and welcoming home for high quality research within this rapidly growing field.

With a specific remit to innovate, Epigenetics Reports will trial new article types and offer avenues for analysis and data sharing, as well as providing authors with a rapid and efficient peer review route to publication.

The standard article publishing charge (APC) for this journal is $850|£670|€775|A$1,160, plus VAT (or other local taxes where applicable in your country). However, Taylor & Francis are currently supporting a 100% APC waiver for all authors. There is no submission charge.

                Meet the editor

                Dr. Hengbin Wang is a professor at Virginia Commonwealth University.

                Dr. Wang studies epigenetics, specifically, posttranslational histone modifications. Using tour de force biochemical approaches, he has identified a number of histone methyltransferases, including PRMT1, SET7, PRC2, hDot1, SETDB1 and histone ubiquitin modifying enzymes including PRC1, Cul4-DDB-ROC1, USP16, and USP49. These studies contribute significantly to our understanding of histone methylation and ubiquitination in chromatin and cellular function.

                Dr. Wang’s current research focuses on RSF1, an H2Aub binding protein. RSF1 overexpression has been shown to play causal roles in certain subtypes of ovarian cancer and breast cancers. Dr. Wang is investigating whether reading the H2Aub histone mark is important for RSF1 overexpression-promoted cancer development and whether RSF1 and H2Aub interaction could be targeted for cancer treatment. The goal of his research is to apply the knowledge derived from basic science studies to improve human health.

                Dr Hengbin Wang
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