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Environmental Science

Taylor & Francis

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Taylor and Francis publish a wide variety of Environmental Science journals that cover topics such as climate change, sustainability, pollution and waste management, risk assessment, Bioremediation, soil and land use.

In these times of heightened awareness of our impact on the Earth, its climate and the biosphere we share with all living beings and matter, this research is essential to furthering the scientific community’s knowledge. Our collection of Environmental Science journals contain both Open Select and Fully Open Access journals and covers many of the different UN SDGs such as resilient infrastructure, sustainable consumption and mitigation of humanity’s impact on ecosystems. Visit each journal to read its Aims & Scopes, how to submit, and more.

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Arctic, Antarctic, and Alpine Research

Fully Open Access

Original research covering a variety of disciplines including ecology, climatology, geomorphology, glaciology, hydrology, paleoceanography, biogeochemistry, and social science

Journal of Integrative Environmental Sciences

Fully Open Access

Informative and critical forum for intellectual debate on significant environmental issues

Ecosystem Health and Sustainability

Fully Open Access

System-based approaches for applying ecological science in decision-making to promote sustainable development

Environmental Pollutants and Bioavailability

Fully Open Access

Insights on the chemical aspects of pollutants in the environment and biota, and their impacts on the uptake of the substances by living organisms

Sustainability: Science, Practice and Policy

Indexed in CABI, DOAJ, EBSCO, OCLC, and Scopus, Sustainability: Science, Practice and Policy advances understanding about sustainability transformations of societal systems and seeks to catalyze social innovations that enable these transitions to meet global climate change and other socio-environmental challenges which require system-scale reinvention to ensure universally sufficient availability of energy, mobility, housing, and food.

Publish in a fully open journal in Environmental Science to increase the reach and impact of your research.

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Compost Science & Utilization

Advancements and breakthroughs in the science and engineering of compost production, compost product quality, and the utilization of composted materials

International Journal of Environmental Studies

A systems approach to the environment, understood to comprise the natural and the man-made, and their interactions

Environmental Forensics

A forum for scientific investigations that address environment contamination, its sources, and the historical reconstruction of its release into the environment

Geomicrobiology Journal

A unified vehicle for research and review articles in geomicrobiology and microbial biogeochemistry

Does your research cross disciplines?

Cogent Environmental Science is a fully open, indexed journal with a mission to help researchers communicate with a global audience and interact with expert scientists from across the environmental science community and beyond.

Publishing multidisciplinary research across the full scope of environmental science from ecology to conservation and environmental health to waste management, Cogent Environmental Science offers authors a fast and affordable option for the publication of their work – including replication studies, reviews and short communications.

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Critical Reviews in Environmental Science and Technology

An international forum for the critical review of current knowledge on the broad range of topics in environmental science

Journal of Land Use Science

A central outlet for high-quality articles on theoretical and empirical aspects of land-use science at the interface of social and environmental systems

Environmental Technology Reviews

Reviews of important research in the field of applied environmental studies

Bioremediation Journal

Original laboratory and field research in bioremediation

Why Publish Open Access?

Publishing open access can increase the reach and readership of your research and have an impact on policymakers.
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