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Earth Observation

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Our portfolio of remote sensing, GIS, and cartography journals are concerned with the sensing, mapping, and monitoring of planet Earth’s physical, chemical, and biological systems.

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Journal of Maps

Maps and spatial diagrams on social and physical processes that take place on a geographical scale

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European Journal of Remote Sensing

Research on all applications of active or passive remote sensing technologies related to terrestrial, oceanic, and atmospheric environments

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Geomatics, Natural Hazards and Risk

Promoting new concepts, approaches, and case studies using geospatial and remote sensing techniques

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International Journal of Remote Sensing

Focusing on the remote sensing of the atmosphere, biosphere, cryosphere and terrestrial earth, and more

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Geo-spatial Information Science

Surveying and mapping technology, including photogrammetry, remote sensing, cartography, engineering surveying, GPS, geodesy, and more

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Big Earth Data

Measuring and monitoring the Earth, environmental processes and change, as well as the interaction between humans and the Earth has led to the creation of a growing body of large data sets

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Annals of GIS

Original ideas on theory, methods, development and applications in the fields of geo-information science

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Canadian Journal of Remote Sensing

Research on remote sensing, including sensor development and advances in applications in ecology, hydrology, geology, and environmental science

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GI Science and Remote Sensing

Original, peer-reviewed articles associated with GIS, remote sensing of the environment, and more

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International Journal of Digital Earth

Publishes theories and societal implications of Digital Earth, focusing on concepts such as Earth observation

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International Journal of Geographical Information Science 

GIS applications in natural resources, social systems, and more

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International Journal of Image and Data Fusion

For all aspects of image and data fusion methodologies, developments, techniques and applications

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SDG Editorials

Brings together more than 30 editorials, written in collaboration with Editors from across the different disciplines to demonstrate the value, breadth, and richness of this field in helping to address the challenges laid out in the UN SDGs.
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