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We have carefully curated a range of Engineering & Technology journals for your selection. At the core of this list are journals that serve the world-wide scientific community covering Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Materials Science, Manufacturing Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Controls and Systems Engineering!

As one of the world’s leading publishers of scholarly journals, Taylor & Francis strives to offer the very best publishing experience. Our international academic journals follow a rigorous peer review process to support change-makers at every step of their journey.

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Curation of Top Journals in South Asia & Africa

Cogent Engineering

Publishes research on all areas of engineering and technology including computer science, chemical, mechanical, biomedical, civil and environmental engineering.
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International Journal of Sustainable Engineering

Publishes research on sustainable products, technologies and business models, including environmental management, resource efficiency and waste minimization.
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International Journal of Modelling and Simulation

Focuses on modeling and simulation aspects, including conceptual, agent-based, mathematical and neural and fuzzy modeling and simulation tools and methods.
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International Journal of Geotechnical Engineering

International Biomechanics

Publishes original research and case studies in all areas of biomechanics, including bio-fluid mechanics, continuum biomechanics, biotribology, and allometry.
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Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering

Publishes research on computational biomechanics and biomedical engineering, including cell mechanics, biofluids, hemodynamics, modeling, design and assessment.
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Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering: Imaging & Visualization

Publishes articles on biomedical data imaging and visualization, including application, computational bio-imaging and Computer-Aided Diagnosis.
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Journal of Medical Engineering & Technology

Journal of Information Display

Publishes research on the theory and practice of information displays including the application of display techniques in devices, and the system-to-user experience
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IETE Journal of Research

Publishes research on new product or process development in electronics, telecommunication, information technology, control engineering and instrumentation.
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Electric Power Components and Systems

Publishes papers on electric machines, solid-state control, power system planning, renewable energy integration and smart- and micro-grid technologies.
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International Journal of Electronics

Journal of Taibah University for Science

An open access journal of research in the natural sciences including chemistry, mathematics, physics, geology, biology and environmental studies.
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Publishes original research papers, reviews and rapid communications on the composition, structure, properties, function and characterization of nanocomposites.
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Advances in Materials and Processing Technologies

Covering metallic materials, alloys, composite materials, non-metallic materials, bio-compatible materials; manufacturing processes like machining and welding.
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Materials Technology

Publishes papers on functional materials, inclusive of biomaterials, packaging materials and flexible electronics, specifically, advanced materials.
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Materials and Manufacturing Processes

Publishes research on use of raw materials, energy and process efficiency, control, and technology for new manufacturing techniques, processes and automation.
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International Journal of Production Research

Publishes leading research on manufacturing and production engineering, logistics, production economics and production strategy.
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Production Planning & Control

Publishes research on all aspects of operations management including supply chain management and business improvement.
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Production & Manufacturing Research

Advancing research on smart and sustainable production and manufacturing, including topics like: manufacturing systems and processes, flexible automation, operations, logistics and supply chain, management and strategy, as well as engineering education.
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Numerical Heat Transfer, Part A: Applications

Publishes research on heat transfer and mass transfer, including topics on fluid flow and numerical solutions. 
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Numerical Heat Transfer, Part B: Fundamentals

Publishes works on numerical approaches, results and experiments for heat and mass transfer, fluid flow and modeling of complex physical phenomena.
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Mechanics of Advanced Materials and Structures

Publishes analytical, numerical, experimental and hybrid methods on the mechanics of advanced materials and structures and layered structures at various scales.
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Engineering Applications of Computational Fluid Mechanics

Publishes open access research on numerical methods in fluid mechanics and their applications to aeronautic, civil and environmental engineering.
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Journal of Control and Decision

Publishes research on the latest advancement in control and decision, including Cyber-physical systems, AI and intelligent control and data mining.
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International Journal of Control

Publishes research in all areas of control theory and applications, both established and emerging.
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Publishes open access research on automatic control robotics, autonomous systems, computational intelligence and communications engineering and technology.
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International Journal of Systems Science

Publishes research on the themes of intelligence, autonomy and complexity at the general system level.
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