Energy & Chemical Engineering

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Energy & Chemical Engineering

at Taylor & Francis

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The below journals have various specialties in:

  • bioenergy
  • renewable sources & energy efficiency
  • combustion
  • thermochemistry
  • multiphase systems


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Journal of Dispersion Science and Technology

2020 Impact Factor 2.262
Five-Year Impact Factor 2.064

Publishes works on multiphase systems, naturally derived colloids and high-surface-area systems, including dispersions, emulsions, foams and various gels.

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Combustion Science and Technology

2020 Impact Factor 2.174
Five-Year Impact Factor 1.946

CST is an international journal which publishes research in the various disciplines within the field of combustion including flame radiation and thermochemistry.

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Energy Sources, Part A: Recovery, Utilization, and Environmental Effects

2020 Impact Factor 3.447
Five-Year Impact Factor 2.406

Publishes solutions to address energy demand, use and transition issues and focuses on bioenergy, renewable sources, energy from waste and energy efficiency.

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Combustion Theory and Modelling

2020 Impact Factor 1.777
Five-Year Impact Factor 1.700

Publishes mathematical, numerical and experimental modeling methods related to the kinetics, dynamics and theory of combustion and its related phenomena.

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2019 Impact Factor 2.956
Five-Year Impact Factor 2.352

Publishes papers on bioenergy, including sustainable production, creation, storage and transport of biomass, biocatalyst development and new bioenergy sources.

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