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Virtual Special Issue: Endemic Mycoses


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This Special Issue presents the challenges posed by five groups of pathogenic fungus: Histoplasma, Coccidioides, Blastomyces, Paracoccidioides and Cryptococcus. These invasive infections, endemic in the Western Hemisphere, are largely asymptomatic, but nevertheless their burden is quite significant. The reviews in this Special Issue present an up-to-date view of the virulence factors, their structural and immunological properties, and their potential as diagnostic markers and therapeutic targets.


Guest Editor:

Sensing the heat and the host: Virulence determinants of Histoplasma capsulatumSinem Beyhan & Anita Sil
Coccidioides immitis and posadasii; A review of their biology, genomics, pathogenesis, and host immunityTheo N. Kirkland & Joshua Fierer
Turning on virulence: Mechanisms that underpin the morphologic transition and pathogenicity of BlastomycesJoseph A. McBride MD, Gregory M. Gauthier MD & Bruce S. Klein MD
Regulatory T cells in paracoccidioidomycosisVera L. G. Calich, Ronei L. Mamoni & Flávio V. Loures
The capsule of Cryptococcus neoformansArturo Casadevall, Carolina Coelho, Radames J. B. Cordero et al.