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Editor's Choice Collection

Emu - Austral Ornithology

Emu – Austral Ornithology is the premier journal for ornithological research and reviews related to the Southern Hemisphere and adjacent tropics. The journal has a long and proud tradition of publishing articles on many aspects of the biology of birds, particularly their conservation and management.

The following articles have been selected by the Editor.

Article TitleAuthor(s)VolIssYear
Observations on breeding Night Parrots (Pezoporus occidentalis) in western QueenslandStephen A. Murphy, Jeremy J. Austin, Rachel K. Murphy, et al.11722017
The first stages of coevolution between a brood parasite and its new host: are naïve hosts defenceless?Virginia E. Abernathy & Naomi E. Langmore11722017
Undetected Allee effects in Australia's threatened birds: implications for conservationRoss Crates, Laura Rayner, Dejan Stojanovic, et al.11732017
Geographical variation in bill colour in the Long-tailed Finch: evidence for a narrow zone of admixture between sub-speciesSimon C. Griffith & Daniel M. Hooper11722017
Early-moulting Red-backed Fairywren males acquire ornamented plumage in the absence of elevated androgensSamantha M. Lantz, Jordan Boersma, Hubert Schwabl, et al.11722017
A review of historical and contemporary processes affecting population genetic structure of Southern Ocean seabirdsKathrin J. Munro & Theresa M. Burg11712017
The complex acoustic repertoire of a highly social species, the Noisy Miner, Manorina melanocephalaJuliana Holt, Ahmad Barati & Paul G. McDonald11712017
Nest predation of woodland birds in south-east Australia: importance of unexpected predatorsMichael Guppy, Sarah Guppy, Richard Marchant, et al.11712017
Mixing the waters: a linear hybrid zone between two riverine Neotropical cardinals (Paroaria baeri and P. gularis)Juan I. Areta, Túlio Dornas, Guy M. Kirwan, et al.11712017
Behavioural responses to heat in captive native Australian birdsShangzhe Xie, Erin J. Turrell & Todd J. McWhorter11712017
Higher song complexity and intruder pressure at dawn in a vocally complex songbirdSamuel D. Hill, Matthew D.M. Pawley, Michael G. Anderson, et al.11822018

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