The Elevate Series

Elevate your research. Elevate your experience. Elevate your academic journey.

Why Elevate?

A commitment to shaping the future of academia. We have carefully curated this series with journals recognized for their rigorous peer-review processes, world-class editorial boards, and transformative contributions to their fields. These journals symbolize quality and innovation with groundbreaking, influential research.

A streamlined, personalized approach to publishing your research. When you publish your research in one of our Elevate journals, you will embark on a customized journey designed specifically for the Academic Research community. In addition to a dedicated point of contact, you will receive personalized editorial support and a commitment to unparalleled speed and efficiency.

Join us in this journey and experience research publication at its finest, designed with the American research community in mind. Together, let’s elevate the way we share knowledge and contribute to a brighter future.

Journals in the Elevate Series

Coming soon to the Elevate Series

We will be growing and expanding the Elevate Series through 2023 and beyond.

As the series builds, it will encompass broad, sound science and interdisciplinary open access journals across a range of relevant and extensive subjects, from Climate to Health and Environment.

Your Path to Recognition: Benefits of publishing in an Elevate journal


Dedicated point of contact

You will have a direct link to our Elevate Series team, including a dedicated team member throughout the peer-review process. They’ll keep you updated and provide rapid responses within 48 hours to address your queries and concerns.


Expert Editorial Support

Our experienced editorial team is here to empower you. You will receive valuable feedback and guidance to enhance your work’s quality, ensuring a smoother path to publication.


Speed and Efficiency

We understand the value of time in research. Expect an initial decision on whether your article will undergo peer review within just 5 working days. In most cases, you will receive your first decision within 22 working days, ensuring a fast and efficient publication process.


Trustworthy Partnership

You will be partnering with a trusted publisher committed to supporting your research and amplifying its impact. We are dedicated to sharing your insights where they can make a real difference in our world.

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