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Egyptian Knowledge Bank

Welcome to the Taylor & Francis page for the Egyptian Knowledge Bank. Here you can find our most recent, relevant and exciting material to suit your needs.


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NEW: Education Collection 

You now have access to the 220 journals of our Education Collection. Explore all of our Education content published since 1997. Subjects covered include:

  • Curriculum studies
  • Early years Education
  • History of education
  • Science education
  • Sociology of education
  • Special needs and educational psychology
  • Teaching and teacher education

Explore the education collection

Science & Technology Library

You have access to this entire Library through the Egyptian Knowledge Bank platform. Explore our highly regarded library of 530+ journals, containing over 770, 000 peer-reviewed articles. Explore content published since 1997 covering the following subjects:

  • Biological, Earth, Environment & Food Science
  • Chemistry
  • Engineering, Computing & Technology
  • Physics
  • Mathematics and Statistics
  • Sport Science & Medicine

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A selection of Taylor & Francis Articles from Nobel Prize Winning Authors

Journal Name Author Article
Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Biochemistry Makoto Kobayashi Heat-Epimerized Tea Catechins Have the Same Cholesterol-Lowering Activity as Green Tea Catechins in Cholesterol-Fed Rats
Cell Cycle Aziz Sancar Effect of Circadian Clock Mutations on DNA Damage Response in Mammalian Cells
Nucleosides and Nucleotides Ryoji Noyori Electrochemical Removal of Allylic Protecting Groups in Nucleotide Synthesis a
Philosophical Magazine Dan Shechtman Structure and mechanical property variations in Mg–Gd–Y–Zn–Zr alloy depending on its composition and processing conditions
RNA Biology Joachim Frank tmRNA on Its Way Through the Ribosome

Top Egyptian Universities* that published with Taylor & Francis from 2010 to 2019:

  • Cairo university published 526 articles
  • Mansoura university published 335 articles.
  • Ain shams university published 315 articles
  • Aswan university published 48 articles

*according to Times Higher Education (THE).

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