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European Journal of Sport Science

Most Read 2018

We are pleased to bring you this Most Read 2018 collection of articles from the European Journal of Sport Science. These articles are free to view until December 2019, exclusively via this page! 

The European Journal of Sport Science publishes original research on sport science as well as review articles of topics of contemporary importance or interest from across the world. The collection of Most Read articles from 2018 are calculated based on the cumulative total of PDF downloads and full-text HTML views from their publication date.

EJSS Most Read 2018

Article TitleAuthor(s)VolumeIssue
Power–duration relationship: Physiology, fatigue, and the limits of human performanceMark Burnley & Andrew M. Jones181
Recommendations to maintain immune health in athletesNeil P. Walsh186
Young, talented and injured: Injury perceptions, experiences and consequences in adolescent elite athletesPhilip Von Rosen, Anders Kottorp, Cecilia Fridén, Anna Frohm & Annette Heijne 185
The interaction of psychological and physiological homeostatic drives and role of general control principles in the regulation of physiological systems, exercise and the fatigue process – The Integrative Governor theoryA. St Clair Gibson, J. Swart & R. Tucker181
Accuracy of human motion capture systems for sport applications; state-of-the-art reviewEline van der Kruk & Marco M. Reijne186
A customised cold-water immersion protocol favours one-size-fits-all protocols in improving acute performance recoveryCoen S. Zandvoort, Jelmer R. de Zwart, Brenda L, van Keeken, Partick J. F. Viroux & Ivo J. H. Tiemessen181
Repeated-sprint performance and plasma responses following beetroot juice supplementation do not differ between recreational, competitive and elite sprint athletesK. L. Jonvik, J. Nyakayiru, J.W. Van Dijk, K. Maase, S.B. Ballak, J.M.G. Senden, L.J.C. Van Loon, L.B. Verdijk184
The ‘sensory tolerance limit’: A hypothetical construct determining exercise performance?Thomas J. Hureau, Lee M. Romer & Markus Amann181
Selection procedures in sports: Improving predictions of athletes’ future performanceRuud J. R. Den Hartigh, A. Susan M. Niessen, Wouter G. P. Frencken & Rob R. Meijer189
Singing it for “us”: Team passion displayed during national anthems is associated with subsequent successMatthew J. Slater, S. Alexander Haslam & Niklas K. Steffens 184

European Journal of Sport Science

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