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Taylor & Francis Webinar Series 2021

Get involved in the conversation and join us for a series of webinars specifically curated for librarians and researchers at institutions in Eastern Europe & Central Asia.

Whether you are interested in publishing your first paper in one of our prestigious journals, or if you would like to learn more about the impact of publishing, we have the webinar to suit your needs.

Simply scroll down, and click to register to the webinar of your choosing.

Publishing in Academic Journals

Publishing is an integral element of the researcher process with most academics required to publish at least once in their professional career.  Researchers must also navigate a publishing landscape that is constantly evolving.  This workshop is designed for early career researchers who have limited publishing experience.  It will provide a basic overview of the current state of academic publishing to enable a better understanding of the process and as well as offer guidance to help researchers succeed.

The workshop will cover the following topics:
•    Publishing cycle: basic overview of the publishing landscape and process
•    Assessing journals: what to look for when choosing where to publish
•    Open access benefits and challenges
•    Preparing your manuscript for publication
•    Peer review basics: overview with recommendations on how to respond to reviewer comments
•    Typical reasons for rejection and how to avoid them

The session will be followed by a Q&A, where you'll have the chance to ask questions on any of the topics covered.

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Impact of Publishing

Designed for early career researchers, this workshop will walk you through the power of research and its ability to shape our world.

Learn how you can leverage and increase your research impact through methods of dissemination, promotion, developing an online community, and engaging with journalists and policymakers.

Join our experts and learn about:

• Why does it matter for authors to share their research?
• Channels that can be used for research dissemination
• PR & media
• Social media
• Resources and training available
• Questions and discussion

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Publishing Medical Research in Academic Journals

This workshop, designed for early career researchers, will provide an overview of the current landscape of academic publishing, with a focus on medical research. 

Our editorial experts cover:
•    How to choose a suitable journal 
•    Open Access options 
•    Preparing manuscripts for submission 
•    Ethical approval & reporting guidelines 
•    Data sharing & licencing 
•    Peer review processes 
•    Top reasons for rejection 
•    Revising your manuscript 

The session will be followed by a Q&A, where you'll have the chance to ask questions on any of the topics covered.

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Are you in Russia? Is your institution part of Russian Foundation for Basic Research? Take a look at our dedicated page and discover content available at your finger tips.

At Taylor & Francis, we understand the importance of sharing our world-leading content; building on knowledge can help us understand the world and create a better future, for everyone. This means that we want to help you provide high quality content to those who need it most: the users at your institution! We’ve made it easy for you and have compiled the top 5 subject collections which are of high interest in your region, Eastern Europe and Central Asia. The subject collections created include Mathematics & Statistics, Education, Politics & International Relations, Medicine and Strategic Studies.
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