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International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education
Publishes research enhancing the practice of qualitative research in education, covering racism, capitalism and class structure, gender discrimination and more.
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Equity & Excellence in Education
Publishes research on issues of equity and social justice in education, considering marginalized populations and systemic oppression in relation to learning.
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Educational Studies
Publishes research on social and education foundations, including the economics, history, politics and sociology of education and pedagogical issues.
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Journal of Research on Educational Effectiveness
Publishes multidisciplinary scientific inquiries on educational success and problems, including intervention, evaluation, policies, theory and methodology.
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Journal of the Learning Sciences
Publishes multidisciplinary research on learning theories and processes, instructional practices, and design of environments to support learning outcomes.
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Journal of Curriculum Studies
Publishes papers on curriculum studies, covering pedagogy, political, social and cultural studies, education policy, vocational education and more.
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Race Ethnicity and Education
Publishes research on racism and race inequality in education, covering the dynamics of race, racism and ethnicity in education theory, policy and practice.
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The Journal of Educational Research
Publishes papers on elementary, secondary and pre-K12 educational practice, latest trends and procedures, traditional practices and future curricula.
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Journal of Science Teacher Education
Publishes articles on ways to improve classroom learning, professional development, and teacher recruitment & retention at pre K-16 levels of science teachers.
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Creativity Research Journal
Publishes research on various approaches to the study of creativity, including behavioral, clinical, educational, genetic, psychoanalytic, social and more.
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Theory & Research in Social Education
Theory & Research in Social Education seeks to expand knowledge of the purposes and effects of schooling and education about society and social relations.
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Cogent Education
Publishes on educational research, including curriculum and teaching, policy, assessment, leadership, psychology, technology and comparative education.
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