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Letters to the Editor: An Invitation

Correspondence between journal readers and published authors lies at the foundation of empirical research and clinical practice. This practice emerged in the 15th century when scientists across Europe exchanged ideas and challenged each other’s thinking. As before, the purpose of letters to the editor is the development, discussion and exchange of ideas. In addition, it is to challenge or support ideas that have gone through peer review to initiate a dialogue. I am inviting readers of Educational Gerontology to applaud, question, or criticize published articles and invite the original authors to respond.

Guidelines for Letters to the Editor Submissions

Brief and to the Point

Letters should be concise (about 250 words or about 3 paragraphs).

Make your letter timely

Tie the subject of your letter to a recently published article, journal editorial, or column. Cite the name of the article, author(s), and date of publication. Use the article as a hook for communicating your message. Focus on one key point and remind the readers why they should care. You may compliment the author and explain how you used his/her findings in your research/ clinical work/teaching. You may ask the author to clarify his findings, and/or discuss data that wasn’t addressed that you think should have been included in the article.

Provide your credentials

Provide your name, affiliation and e-mail address. Politely request a response from the author(s) that will be published alongside your letter.

Be mindful of the tone of your letter

You may be right in your argument but rudeness will disqualify your letter from being published.


We at Educational Gerontology look forward to your correspondence,

Nieli Langer, Editor

Educational Gerontology

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