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Educational Media and Technology

at Routledge

Find the right home for your research.

With nearly 300 journals, the Routledge Education portfolio is a comprehensive collection of expert journals covering all key areas of education research. 

We take pride in publishing some of the top Educational Media and Technology journals and partnering with key organizations, such as: International Society for Technology in Education, Technology, Pedagogy and Education Association (TPEA), and The Open University

We invite you to explore a selection of these journal below and find out which could be the most suitable home for your research. Visit each journal to read its Aims & Scopes, how to submit, and more.

If none of these sound perfect, why not try out our Journal Suggester, simply paste in the abstract of your article and click ‘reveal suggested journals’. You can also browse through 100s more on Taylor & Francis Online.


Learning, Media and Technology aims to stimulate debate on digital media, digital technology and digital cultures in education. The journal seeks to include submissions that take a critical approach towards all aspects of education and learning, digital media and digital technology - primarily from the perspective of the social sciences, humanities and arts. The journal has a long heritage in the areas of media education, media and cultural studies, film and television, communications studies, design studies and general education studies.

The Editors encourage critical and comparative analyses including paradigms and methodologies that cross disciplinary and cultural boundaries, and are open to a range of submission types such as literature reviews, policy critiques and empirical studies.

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The American Journal of Distance Education (AJDE) is internationally recognized as the journal of record of research and scholarship in the field of American distance education. AJDE explores topics about all teaching-learning relationships where the actors are geographically separated, and communication takes place through technologies. 

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Technology, Pedagogy and Education publishes international research on the development of information and communication technology in teacher education. It welcomes contributions which extend or amplify what is already published in the field of technology and pedagogy, and which will be of interest to those involved in teacher education.

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Educational Media International publishes research in emerging educational media areas, such as globalization, technology developments and innovation. Contributions are drawn from academics, educators and media professionals whose ideas and experiences come from a number of countries and contexts. 

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The Journal of Digital Learning in Teacher Education offers a forum to share information about using technology in teacher education among departments, schools and colleges of education.



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Computers in the Schools is an interdisciplinary journal of practice, theory, and applied research.

It publishes research in the field of educational computing that emphasizes the practical aspect of any application but also ties theory to practice.

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Open Learning: The Journal of Open, Distance and e-Learning is a leading journal publishing research into open and flexible e-learning for distance education institutions and for those using e-training and technology-based forms of learning.


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Having problems choosing the right journal to publish in? What questions do you need to ask? We have compiled a comprehensive guide to help you make that decision.

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