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The Journal of Sex Research

Editor's Choice, Most Downloaded Articles and Biegel Award Winners

Editor's Choice

Most Downloaded Articles

Article Title Author(s) Volume Year
I’ll Show You Mine so You’ll Show Me Yours: Motivations and Personality Variables in Photographic Exhibitionism Flora Oswald, Alex Lopes, Kaylee Skoda, Cassandra L. Hesse & Cory L. Pedersen 56 2019
Women’s Orgasm and Sexual Satisfaction in Committed Sex and Casual Sex: Relationship Between Sociosexuality and Sexual Outcomes in Different Sexual Contexts Val Wongsomboon, Mary H. Burleson & Gregory D. Webster 56 2019
Surveying Pornography Use: A Shaky Science Resting on Poor Measurement Foundations Taylor Kohut, Rhonda N. Balzarini, William A. Fisher, Joshua B. Grubbs, Lorne Campbell & Nicole Prause 56 2019
Sexual and Reproductive Health Outcomes of Violence Against Women and Girls in Lower-Income Countries: A Review of Reviews Rose Grace Grose, Julia S. Chen, Katherine A. Roof, Sharon Rachel & Kathryn M. Yount 57 2020
Making and Communicating Decisions About Sexual Consent During Drug-Involved Sex: A Thematic Synthesis Lauren A. Smith, Katerina Z. Kolokotroni & Tamara Turner-Moore 57 2020

Beigel Award Winners

The Hugo G. Beigel Award for the best paper published in The Journal of Sex Research is named for the first editor of JSR, and promotes and rewards research excellence in sexual science. Granted annually, the award is adjudicated by the journal’s editor and six associate editors, who each read every article published throughout the year and vote on the winner. Recent winners include:

Article Title Author(s) Volume Year
Not All Orgasms Were Created Equal: Differences in Frequency and Satisfaction of Orgasm Experiences by Sexual Activity in Same-Sex Versus Mixed-Sex Relationships Karen L. Blair, Jaclyn Cappell & Caroline F. Pukall 55 2018
Sexual Quality of Life and Aging: A Prospective Study of a Nationally Representative Sample Miriam K. Forbes, Nicholas R. Eaton & Robert F. Krueger 54 2017
What Keeps Passion Alive? Sexual Satisfaction Is Associated With Sexual Communication, Mood Setting, Sexual Variety, Oral Sex, Orgasm, and Sex Frequency in a National U.S. Study David A. Frederick, Janet Lever, Brian Joseph Gillespie & Justin R. Garcia 54 2017
Is Pornography Really about “Making Hate to Women”? Pornography Users Hold More Gender Egalitarian Attitudes Than Nonusers in a Representative American Sample Taylor Kohut, Jodie L. Baer & Brendan Watts 53 2016
A Noncausal Relation Between Casual Sex in Adolescence and Early Adult Depression and Suicidal Ideation: A Longitudinal Discordant Twin Study Arielle R. Deutsch & Wendy S. Slutske 52 2015
A New Standard of Sexual Behavior? Are Claims Associated With the “Hookup Culture” Supported by General Social Survey Data? Martin A. Monto & Anna G. Carey 51 2014
Pornography Actresses: An Assessment of the Damaged Goods Hypothesis James D. Griffith , Sharon Mitchell , Christian L. Hart , Lea T. Adams & Lucy L. Gu 50 2013
Sexual Practices and the Duration of Last Heterosexual Encounter: Findings from the Australian Longitudinal Study of Health and Relationships Anthony M. A. Smith , Kent Patrick , Wendy Heywood , Marian K. Pitts , Juliet Richters , Julia M. Shelley , Judy M. Simpson & Richard Ryall 49 2012
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