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Recruiting for Editorial Board Members & Peer Reviewers

Preventive Oncology & Epidemiology

31 October 2022

About the role

Preventive Oncology & Epidemiology invites applications to the following positions:

• Editorial Board

• Peer Reviewers

About the roles

Preventive Oncology & Epidemiology is recruiting for researchers and scientists across a number of different sub-specialties of oncology to join the editorial board of this exciting new journal. Members of the Editorial Board are encouraged to:

• Submit their own research articles and review articles to support the aims and profile of the journal. We ask Editorial Board members to consider submitting at least one manuscript a year.

• Suggest topics or special issues, and where relevant, solicit content for the journal, helping to ensure high quality contributions.

• Promote the journal within their key communities.

• Contribute to the setting of editorial policy and assist in updating the aims and scope of the journal.

• Comment on published content and suggest future direction of the journal. • Maintain the ethical standards of the journal.

• Contribute to the peer review of articles submitted to the journal for consideration.

Furthermore, the journal is also inviting applications for peer reviewers to contribute to the evaluation of articles submitted to the journal for publication.

About the journal

Cover image - Preventive Oncology & Epidemiology

Preventive Oncology & Epidemiology is an online, open access, international journal publishing original research, reviews, commentaries and study protocols across all areas of cancer epidemiology and prevention.

Cancer epidemiology is defined as the study of the distribution and determinants of cancer(s), allowing researchers to ascertain the possible trends and causes of cancer development amongst different populations. Cancer prevention focuses on identifying possible candidates for preventing cancer and testing interventions to reduce the risk of developing cancer. This includes behavioral factors (for example, diet, exercise, obesity prevention, sun protection, and tobacco use), chemoprevention, the use of vaccines, and the uptake of cancer screening/early detection tests. Furthermore, cancer prevention includes intervention research (patient navigation, computer-aided reminders, clinic and provider-based programs for example), as well as the validation and use of early detection tests and biomarkers. Promoting collaboration across all disciplines, from nutrition to cancer health policy, Preventive Oncology & Epidemiology is the home for researchers dedicated to advancing innovations within cancer epidemiology and prevention.

Topics covered include, but are not limited to:

  • Research focusing on early detection strategies, such as screening programmes, as well as the identification/validation of novel biomarkers that could lead to the creation of innovative early detection diagnostics;
  • The implementation of interventions and programmes at a community, state, or country level. The journal also wishes to highlight the barriers associated with implementing community health interventions and the unique challenges impacting underserved and minority populations and different settings;
  • The implications of state or country health policies on cancer epidemiology and prevention efforts;
  • Research focusing on geographical variations and trends in cancer distribution, within and between populations, at the state or country level;
  • and Community education and engagement strategies to raise awareness of lifestyle risk factors, prevention, and early detection strategies.

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Key Skills and Attributes

Key Attributes

Interested in applying?

Here are the skills and attributes we are looking for:

• Enthusiasm and passion for open access;

• Exceptional collaboration and communication skills;

• Expertise within the field of cancer prevention and cancer epidemiology;

• Confidence to engage with authors and researchers to ensure the highest quality publications;

• The ability to foster positive working relationships with colleagues in the journal’s editorial board.


Application Instructions

Submitting your application

Applications shall include:

• 1-2 examples of recent publications relevant to the field;

• A two sentence summary explaining why you are interested in a position on this journal.


The journal is committed to ensuring diversity, equity and inclusion within its editorial team and decision making processes. All applications will be treated as strictly confidential, and each will be judged on its merits without bias for seniority of institutional affiliation. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, ancestry, national origin, religion, or religious creed, mental or physical disability, medical condition, genetic information, sex (including pregnancy, childbirth, and related medical conditions), sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, age, marital status, military or protected veteran status, citizenship, or other protected characteristics.

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