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Regional & Federal Studies

17 May 2024

About the role

Regional and Federal Studies, the global reference journal for federalism, regionalism, and multi-level governance, is currently recruiting for new Editors. The existing editorial team are approaching the end of their term and are looking to pass on stewardship of the journal to new and dedicated team to continue to develop and advance the journal and build on its strong foundations. This is a great opportunity for academics with a strong research background in the field of federalism and territorial politics within Political Science who have the commitment, drive and ability to help develop the journal.

The journal welcomes applications from individuals interested in joining a team and also from complete teams (ideally of 4-5 members). For team applications, the lead editor candidate should include all team member CVs and explain any differentiations between the team member roles (uploaded as a single file). Team applications will be screened for their capacity to combine expertise in studying federalism and territorial politics in different regions of the world.

The lead Editor will work collaboratively with a team of Co-Editors and be responsible for overseeing and implementing editorial strategy to achieve a rigorous and proper peer review process that delivers an agreed amount of content of suitable scope and quality within an agreed publication timeframe. All Editors will hold responsibility for editorial oversight and decision-making on submissions for papers assigned to them, including the authority to accept articles after successful peer review and following the Journal’s Code of Publishing Ethics. Together, the editorial team will be responsible for managing the Editorial Advisory Board and engaging with new authors and researchers for the purposes of commissioning works and building an active journal community.

The journal is aiming to recruit a diverse team with expertise that is global in nature and includes a range of substantive expertise in areas across the fields of territorial politics, federalism and multi-level governance.

Becoming a journal editor is a rewarding and fulfilling experience where you will build your own networks, promote the research that you are passionate about, and be recognized as a leading figure within the academic community. Editors receive a modest annual honorarium to support their work on the journal.

The journal is also open to Editorial Board and Reviewer applications.

About the journal

Cover image - Regional & Federal Studies

Regional and Federal Studies is a peer-reviewed social science journal which provides an academic forum for the publication of leading international research on various aspects of comparative territorial politics, regionalism, federalism, subnational research, and multi-level governance crossing substantive, thematic, geographical, theoretical, and methodological boundaries.

From European integration to processes of decentralisation in the Global South, from post-conflict federal power-sharing arrangements to minority nationalist movements and the spatial rescaling of public policy, the study of federalism and territorial politics now covers a wide variety of topics dealing with divided political authority and levels of government. From Argentina to China to Greenland, issues of (de)centralisation and multi-level territorial politics are of great importance. Regional and Federal Studies has its roots in the study of regionalism in Western Europe. It was first created in 1991, as Regional Politics and Policy: An International Journal, its primary focus was on regionalism in Western Europe. Today, it is a journal of global reference. The thirtieth anniversary issue of Regional and Federal Studies provides an overview of the development of the journal’s aims and scopes within the context of the wider field.

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Key Skills and Attributes

Ready to apply? Here are the skills and attributes we are looking for in a successful applicant:

  • Strong research background in the field of federalism and territorial politics within Political Science
  • Regional expertise in studying federalism and territorial politics in at least one of the major world regions covered by RFS (please indicate regional expertise in your application)
  • Experience in academic publishing and familiarity with all stages of the process.
  • A vision and enthusiasm for the continuous development of the journal.
  • The capacity to devote time each week to the role, and to attend Editorial Board meetings and training sessions as needed.
  • The ability to ensure all submitted manuscripts are considered in a prompt, consistent and professional manner.
  • The ability to confidently use an online peer review management system and ensure members of the editorial team do the same.
  • Experience with working effectively with independent peer reviewers.
  • The ability to read, summarize, and make decisions based on independent reviewer reports.
  • A commitment to communicating promptly, consistently, and professionally with authors during the peer review process.
  • A commitment to engaging promptly and efficiently with Taylor & Francis staff and suppliers to implement necessary processes and improvements.
  • A strong commitment to ethical rigour as well as knowledge of the COPE guidelines and commitment to ensure that the journal adheres to strict ethical standards at all times.
  • A willingness to proactively lead the journal’s Editorial Board, to include arranging and leading Editorial Board meetings (for Lead Editor).
  • A proven track record as a key opinion leader and known figure within your academic discipline.
  • Actively involved in growing and developing your academic networks through conference attendance and experience of networking through social media.
  • Knowledge of and commitment to the open access publishing environment.

Application Instructions

Applications should include your CV, a Cover Letter and a Vision Statement. Your Vision Statement should be no longer than 1 page and include:

  • Where you believe the field is going, and the journal’s place within it
  • How you would work in partnership with the Editorial Board
  • How you would develop the journal

If you have any questions, please contact the current lead Editor, Louise Tillin ([email protected]) for more on the current editors' roles and responsibilities, or the Political Science Journals Portfolio Manager at Taylor & Francis, Huw Price ([email protected]) for information on the publisher's systems and policies and the terms of the appointment.

Once applications are closed, a selection committee headed by editorial advisory board member Sarah Shair-Rosenfield will go over the applications. Short-listed candidates will be invited for an online interview. We aim to hold interviews in the first half of June 2024.


The journal is committed to ensuring diversity, equity and inclusion within its editorial team and decision making processes. All applications will be treated as strictly confidential, and each will be judged on its merits without bias for seniority of institutional affiliation. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, ancestry, national origin, religion, or religious creed, mental or physical disability, medical condition, genetic information, sex (including pregnancy, childbirth, and related medical conditions), sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, age, marital status, military or protected veteran status, citizenship, or other protected characteristics.