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2020 Robert Franklin Mehl Award

Yuntian Zhu, Editor of Materials Research Letters

About the prize

Congratulations to Prof. Yuntian T. Zhu, Editor-in-Chief of Materials Research Letters, who has won the prestigious Robert Franklin Mehl Award 2020 from the The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS).

Professor Zhu won the award for his outstanding leadership and pioneering work in deformation physics and mechanical properties of nanostructured and heterostructured metals.

This award recognizes an outstanding scientific leader by inviting the winner to present a lecture at the Society's Annual Meeting on a technical subject of particular interest to members in the materials science and application of metals program areas. Professor Zhu will be speaking on "Heterostructured Materials: A New Paradigm for Designing Metals with Superior Mechanical Properties".

Read the full announcement from The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society here.

We recently interviewed Yuntian in his capacity as Editor-in-Chief of Materials Research Letters. Read the Q&A.


Find out more about Materials Research Letters

2019 impact factor: 6.600

Yuntian Zhu is Editor-in-Chief of Materials Research Letters, an open access, fast communication letters journal that publishes high impact research for the materials research community, by the materials research community.

Subjects of interest for publication in MRL include, but are not limited to:

  • structural materials (metals, ceramics, polymers, composite)
  • energy materials (solar energy, batteries, fuel cells, supercapacitors, hydrogen storage, nuclear energy)
  • functional materials (electronic, delectric, ferroic, magnetic, optical)
  • low dimensional materials (sheets, tubes, wires, ribbons)

Aims & scope Submit

Editor's article collection

To celebrate Prof. Zhu's achievement, we have selected some of the research he has published in Materials Research Letters below. Navigate the links to read the articles.

Article Author
Heterogeneous materials: a new class of materials with unprecedented mechanical properties Xiaolei Wu & Yuntian Zhu
Ductility by shear band delocalization in the nano-layer of gradient structure Fuping Yuan, Dingshun Yan, Jiangda Sun, Lingling Zhou, Yuntian Zhu & Xiaolei Wu
Perspective on hetero-deformation induced (HDI) hardening and back stress Yuntian Zhu & Xiaolei Wu
In-situ observation of dislocation dynamics near heterostructured interfaces Hao Zhou, Chongxiang Huang, Xuechao Sha, Lirong Xiao, Xiaolong Ma, Heinz Werner Höppel, Mathias Göken, Xiaolei Wu, Kei Ameyama, Xiaodong Han & Yuntian Zhu
Gradient structure produces superior dynamic shear properties Xiangde Bian, Fuping Yuan, Yuntian Zhu & Xiaolei Wu

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