Mark M. Turnbull is new to the editorial staff beginning as an Associate Editor in January of 2015. He served on the Editorial Board for twelve years prior to his appointment as Assoc. Editor.

Mark received his B.S. in Chemistry from the University of New Hampshire in 1978 after conducting research under the direction of Prof. Robert Lyle and Prof. Kenneth Andersen before accepting a position teaching high school chemistry and physics in Londonderry, NH. He returned to UNH for his MS (1984) under the direction of Prof. Edward Wong and then moved on to Brandeis University to complete his Ph.D. (1987) under the direction of Prof. Myron Rosenblum and Prof. Bruce Foxman. He accepted a position as Asst. Prof. at Clark University (Worcester, MA) in 1986 and was promoted to Professor in 2000. He has been a Visiting Lecturer at the University of Canterbury (Christchurch, NZ, 1995, with Prof. Ward Robinson) and Profesor Visitant at the Universitat de Barcelona (Spain, 2001-2002, with Prof. Juan Novoa).

Mark’s research is predominantly in the area of Molecular Magnetism where he has worked for the past 25 years with his Clark Physics colleague Christopher Landee. Their studies are focused on the mechanism of magnetic exchange in low-dimensional antiferromagnetic lattices, primarily those where Cu(II) is the source of a S = 1/2 magnetic moment. They have long-standing collaborations with researchers at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory in Tallahassee and at Oak Ridge National Laboratories, as well as New Zealand, Great Britain, Jordan, South Africa and Germany.

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