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Virtual Special Issue: Ecosystem Management in Transition in Central and Eastern Europe

By Ecosystem Health and Sustainability

Guest Editors:

  • Dr. András Báldi, Centre for Ecological Research, Hungarian Academy of Sciences

  • Dr. David Vačkář, Global Change Research Centre Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, and Charles University Environment Center

Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries represent region with dynamic and diverse natural and socioeconomic conditions. This region plays an important role in European biodiversity conservation and developing multiple management approaches to ecosystems and ecosystem services.

CEE countries experienced profound political changes resulting from the collapse of communism and the accession of some CEE states to the European Union. All these changes brought impacts on biodiversity and ecosystem management and governance in these states. This thematic issue will document and evaluate the impacts relating to political, governance and socioeconomic changes in the region on biodiversity and ecosystems. Moreover, this thematic issue aims to assess risks and opportunities to achieve biodiversity conservation and sustainable ecosystem services supplies in the region with the consideration of global changes.

The purpose of this thematic issue is to bring together high-quality and original contributions/research articles on the biodiversity and ecosystem management approaches in CEE countries. Particularly, the articles should:

(i) Present state and trends in biodiversity conservation and ecosystem services in CEEC and document changes during the transformation, using integrated assessment, modeling or indicator approaches;

(ii) Evaluate the impacts of political and socioeconomic changes on biodiversity and ecosystems;

(iii) Assess different approaches to the management of biodiversity and ecosystems, especially in the context of socioeconomic transitions;

(iv) Report current  biodiversity and ecosystem governance systems in CEE countries.

(v) Present risks and opportunities for biodiversity conservation and ecosystem management in CEE region.

Title Author
Editorial: Ecosystem management in transition in central and eastern europe: the need for a vision David Vačkář & András Báldi
Governance of change for sustainability: experience from central and eastern europe Janez Potocnik
Socioecological drivers facilitating biodiversity conservation in traditional farming landscapes Ine Dorresteijn, Jacqueline Loos, Jan Hanspach & Joern Fischer
It is time to change land use and landscape management in the czech republic Petr Petřík, Josef Fanta & Martin Petrtýl
Ecosystem service availability in view of long‐term land‐use changes: a regional case study in the czech republic Jana Frélichová & Josef Fanta
Functional diversity and trait composition of butterfly and bird communities in farmlands of central romania Jan Hanspach, Jacqueline Loos, Ine Dorresteijn, Henrik Von wehrden, Cosmin Ioan Moga & Alin David
Rural social–ecological systems navigating institutional transitions: case study from transylvania (romania) Tibor Hartel, Kinga Olga réti, Cristina Craioveanu, Róbert Gallé, Răzvan Popa, Alina Ioniţă, László Demeter, László Rákosy & Bálint Czúcz
Abandonment of croplands: problem or chance for grassland restoration? case studies from hungary Orsolya Valkó, Balázs Deák, Péter Török, András Kelemen, Tamás Miglécz, Katalin Tóth & Béla Tóthmérész
Assessing impact of land use and climate change on regulating ecosystem services in the czech republic Eliška Krkoška lorencová, Zuzana V. Harmáčková, Lucie Landová, Adam Pártl & David Vačkář
Common and conflicting objectives and practices of herders and conservation managers: the need for a conservation herder Zsolt Molnár, József Kis, Csaba Vadász, László Papp, István Sándor, Sándor Béres, Gábor Sinka & Anna Varga
Sustainability policy considerations for ecosystem management in central and eastern europe Fikret Berkes

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