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Earth Day 2021

Three Days of Climate Action

Influencing Climate Change & Sustainability through Science & Research

Taylor & Francis is committed to providing quality, data-driven research to help promote progress toward a more sustainable future. In honor of Earth Day 2021, we invite you to explore the below list of custom collated climate research articles, which have been hand-selected from various journals across our portfolio. 

The articles have been chosen to coincide with the themes of this year’s Earth Day including: Climate Justice, Climate Education and 'Restore Our Earth'.

We’ve made the below collection available and free to access, share, and cite through December 31, 2021.

Explore the collection below and join the conversation at @tandfenviro.

Climate Justice

Scientific papers focusing on the future impact of climate change.

Journal Title Authors Year Published
Climate Policy A human rights-based approach to loss and damage under the climate change regime P. Toussaint & A. M. Blanco. 2020
Climate and Development An agenda for ethics and justice in adaptation to climate change M. F. Byskov, K. Hyams, P. Satyal, et al. 2021
Tellus A: Dynamic Meteorology and Oceanography Recent advances in polar low research: current knowledge, challenges and future perspectives M. Moreno-Ibáñez, R. Laprise & P. Gachon. 2021
Environmental Politics Transition tensions: mapping conflicts in movements for a just and sustainable transition D. Ciplet & J. L. Harrison. 2020
Applied Environmental Education & Communication New challenges and resources for environmental education and communication J. M. Valenti. 2020
The Journal of Environmental Education A comparative analysis of environment and sustainability in policy across subnational education systems K. Aikens & M. McKenzie. 2021
Journal of Environmental Policy & Planning The Road to Paris: Contending Climate Governance Discourses in the Post-Copenhagen Era K. Bäckstrand & E. Lövbrand. 2019
Environmental Communication The Struggle for Climate Justice: Three Indian News Media Coverage of Climate Change J. Das. 2020
Environmental Education Research Towards climate justice education: views from activists and educators in Scotland C. McGregor & B. Christie. 2021
Journal of Energy & Natural Resources Law Renewable and citizen energy communities in the European Union: how (not) to regulate community energy in national laws and policies M. M. Sokolowski. 2020

Climate Education

Research focused on the crucial role that educators play in combating climate change.

Journal Title Authors Year Published
Climate Policy Three roles for education in climate change adaptation N. W. Feinstein & K. J. Mach. 2020
Climate and Development Beyond Technical Fixes: climate solutions and the great derangement A. J. Nightingale, S. Eriksen, M. Taylor, et al. 2020
Tellus A: Dynamic Meteorology and Oceanography Role of greenhouse gas in climate change** S. Manabe. 2019
Environmental Politics From the local to the global: learning about the adverse human rights effects of climate policies A. Schapper 2020
Applied Environmental Education & Communication Unpacking the power of place-based education in climate change communication A. Khadka, C. J. Li, S. W. Stanis, et al. 2020
The Journal of Environmental Education Safe spaces or a pedagogy of discomfort? Senior high-school teachers' meta-emotion philosophies and climate change education M. Ojala. 2020
Journal of Environmental Policy & Planning Learning pathways and the governance of innovations in urban climate change resilience and adaptation R. Bellinson & E. Chu. 2019
Environmental Communication Engaged Communication Scholarship for Environmental Justice: A Research Agenda C. Raphael. 2019
Environmental Education Research Educating for resilience: parent and teacher perceptions of children’s emotional needs in response to climate change C. Baker, S. Clayton & E. Bragg. Latest Articles
Journal of Energy & Natural Resources Law Teaching the law of energy transition in the era of internationalisation and digitalisation of legal university education: the Transatlantic University Collaboration in Climate Change and Energy Law (TUCCCEL) programme D. C. Smith, C. Banet & B. M. Romera. 2019

Restore Our Earth

Research which examines natural processes, emerging green technologies, and innovative thinking that can restore the world’s ecosystems.

Journal Title Authors Year Published
Climate Policy The roles of network embeddedness, market incentives, and slack resources in the adoption of clean technologies by firms in developing countries N. Ashraf, B.Comyns, G. A. Arain, et al. 2019
Climate and Development Green and socioeconomic infrastructures in the Brazilian Amazon: implications for a changing climate J. M. Cardoso da Silva & S. Prasad. 2019
Tellus A: Dynamic Meteorology and Oceanography Designing and evaluating regional climate simulations for high latitude land use land cover change studies P. A. Mooney, S. Sobolowski & H. Lee. 2020
Environmental Politics The knowledge politics of climate change loss and damage across scales of governance L. Vanhala, M. Robertson & E. Calliari. 2021
Applied Environmental Education & Communication Strengthening their climate change literacy: A case study addressing the weaknesses in young people's climate change awareness A. Kuthe, A. Körfgen, J. Stötter, et al. 2019
The Journal of Environmental Education Environmental education in transition: A critical review of recent research on climate change and energy education S. N. Jorgenson, J. C. Stephens & B. White. 2019
Journal of Environmental Policy & Planning Debating nature’s value: epistemic strategy and struggle in the story of ‘ecosystem services’ M. P. A. Craig, H. Stevenson & J. Meadowcroft. 2019
Environmental Communication Climate Change, the Intersectional Imperative, and the Opportunity of the Green New Deal J. R. Hathaway. 2020
Environmental Education Research Designing an extension Climate Stewards volunteer program: incorporating sense of community, social practice, and self-efficacy theories D. L. Eiseman, A. K. Armstrong & A. M. Chatrchyan. 2020
Journal of Energy & Natural Resources Law What are national ‘climate change acts’? T. L. Muinzer. 2021

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