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Earth Day 2020

Real Science, Real Actions, Making Real Changes.

Fifty years on from the first Earth Day we now see environmental protections being rolled back and hear frightening predictions of the fate of our planet.   

Yet researchers are making a difference!  This collection of fifteen papers represents climate action. The articles cover research on paleoclimatology, energy, carbon pricing, sustainability for laboratories, effective communication of climate change, big earth data, environmental justice and a lot more.   

The articles below are free to access through this page until 30th May 2020.

We hope this collection sheds light on the critical importance of academic research in shaping past, present and future responses to climate change.


Sound scientific papers focused on actionable research.

Carbon ManagementEvaluating the relationship among agriculture, energy demand, finance and environmental degradation in one belt and one road economiesM. Hafeez, C. Yuan, W. Shah, M. Mahmood, et al. 2020
International Journal of Digital EarthBig Earth Data science: an information framework for a sustainable planetH. Guo, S. Nativi, D. Liang, M. Craglia, et al. 2020
Journal of Integrative Environmental SciencesIdentifying and overcoming obstacles to the implementation of sustainable development at universitiesW. Filho, Y. Wu, L. Brandli, L. Avila, et al.2017
Journal of Sustainable ForestryGlobalTreeSearch: The first complete global database of tree species and country distributionsE. Beech, M. Rivers, S. Oldfield & P. Smith.2017
Journal of Vertebrate PaleontologyPaleosols of the Permian-Triassic: proxies for rainfall, climate change and major changes in terrestrial tetrapod diversityN. Tabor, C. Sidor, R. Smith, S. Nesbit, et al.2017


Research focused on efforts already underway, reviewing what works and what doesn’t in regards to climate action.

Climate and DevelopmentThe ‘boomerang effect’: insights for improved climate actionL. Swatuk, B. Thomas, L. Wirkus, F. Krampe, et al. 2020
Climate PolicyCarbon Pricing in Practice: a review of existing emissions trading systemsE. Narasshimhan, K. Gallagher, S. Koester & J. Alejo. 2018
Environment: Science and Policy for Sustainable DevelopmentThe Sustainability Challenges Facing Research and Teaching Laboratories When Going GreenM. Banks, M. Metz & D. Smyth. 2020
Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health, Part BEnvironmental health effects attributed to toxic and infectious agents following hurricanes, cyclones, flash floods and major hydrometeorological eventsT. Erickson, J. Brooks, E. Nilles, P. Pham, et al. 2019
Arctic, Antarctic, and Alpine ResearchAttacked from two fronts: Interactive effects of anthropogenic and biotic disturbances generate complex movement patternsS. Valente, A. Skarin, P. Ciucci & A. Uboni. 2020

Human Factors.

Research which examines the human aspects of climate action: from effective communication in the media to environmental justice, citizen science, and more.

Environmental CommunicationThe US News Media, Polarization on Climate Change, and Pathways to Effective CommunicationT. Bolsen & M. Shapiro. 2018
Journal of Land Use ScienceWhy telecoupling research needs to account for environmental justiceS. Boillat, A. Martin, T. Adams, D. Daniel, et al. 2020
Local Environment; The International Journal of Justice and SustainabilityEngagement with climate change and the environment: a review of the role of relationships to placeE. Nicolosi & J. Corbett. 2018
Polar GeographyCitizen science and the public nature of climate actionM. Groulx, L. Fishback & A. Winegardner. 2019
WeatherwiseNo Fairy Tale Ending: The Future of Water and the American SouthwestS. Battaglia. 2019

Rapid and transparent dissemination of research enabling evidence-based action on climate change

The Climate Action Gateway brings together all content published on F1000Research related to climate change, its causes, impacts and potential solutions.
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The Future of Finance, Economics, and Sustainability in the Post-COVID-19 Era

In this opinion piece, Maurie Cohen considers the economic actions taken to address COVID-19 and the transformations still needed in our economic system to confront another crisis in our lifetimes: climate change.
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