Earth & Environmental Sciences

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Earth and Environmental Sciences

at Taylor & Francis

Taylor & Francis is proud to support and amplify research that is designed to address many of the greatest needs affecting our global society.

As recognised by the UNs Sustainability Development Goals, research in the fields of Earth & Environmental Science has a tremendously important part to play in combating climate change and inequality, and in delivering prosperity for our planet.

In this context, Taylor & Francis publishes a broad range of journals across the Earth & Environmental Sciences, which address key issues, such as SDG6: Clean Water & Sanitation; SDG11: Sustainable Cities & Communities; SDG13: Climate Action; SDG14: Life Below Water; and SDG15: Life on Land.

Click on the links below, or navigate the menu at the top of the page, to explore a sampling of our range of journals in the different subject areas that collectively comprise our Earth & Environmental Sciences portfolio.

All Earth Hub
Sustainable Environment current issue

New Launches

With the launch of All Earth and Sustainable Development Taylor & Francis is addressing the needs of the scientific community to publish and disseminate research impacting on real world change.

Have you considered the broader implications of your work and how you contribute towards policy tackling global issues? 

To find out more about publishing in All Earth or Sustainable Development, click on the links below.

All Earth Sustainable Development 

Earth Observation

Land Use; Land Cover; Geography & Landscapes; Geology; Terrestrial Earth & Geoscience; Agriculture & Forestry; Ecology & Environmental Science; Hydrology, Water Resources & Oceanography; Atmosphere & Meteorology
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Water Science

Clean & Safe Water; Integrated Water Resources Management; Protection & Restoration of Water-Related Ecosystems; Hydrology; Hydraulic Engineering; Limnology; Oceanography; Aquatic Ecosystems; Ecological Subdisciplines and more.
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Policy & Sustainability

Policy & Planning; Planning & Sustainability; Environmental Health & Safety; Environmental Economics; Environmental Impact Assessment; Resource Management; Pollution Management; Cities & Infrastructure; Urban Policy; and more...
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Geology; Geophysics; Geochemistry; Tectonics; Physical Geography; Natural Hazards; Geodesy; Meteorology; Oceanography; Environmental Geoscience; and more...
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Toxicology & Environmental Health

Risk Assessment; Exposure Assessment; Toxicology; Environmental Engineering; Environmental Epidemiology; Environmental Modelling and more...
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Atmosphere & Climate

Climate Change; Climate Policy; Atmosphere; Oceanographic Science; Climatology; Meteorology; Biogeochemistry; Climate Change Mitigation & Adaptation and more...
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Free to Read

Read our free article collection of research specially selected for vEGU21 delegates. Free for everyone to read for a limited time.
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SDG Call for Papers

How will your research support global sustainability? Submit to our series of Special Issues in Earth & Environmental Sciences addressing the UNSDGs.
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