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Drosophila research experts - Chromosome Biology

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Now's the time for Fly

Fly is the first international peer-reviewed journal to focus on Drosophila research. Having expanded the editorial board to include even more experts in the field of Drosophila from all over the world, Fly is quickly becoming the 'go to' journal for Drosophila research.

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Jan Larsson

Professor Jan Larsson leads a research group at the Department of Molecular Biology, Umeå University in northern Sweden.

His research interest concerns chromosome-wide gene regulation and chromosome-specific adaptations. Using the two chromosome-specific systems MSL and POF in Drosophila his group focuses on:

  • Outlining the function of chromatin signatures and RNA interactions in targeting and regulatory mechanisms.
  • Delineating the link between chromosome-wide targeting and chromosome segregation.
  • Understanding the evolution of chromosome-wide gene targeting and regulation, sex-chromosomes and the role of heterochromatin and RNA interactions in these processes.

Besides science, Jan has recently developed a passion for forestry and he often spends his free time in the forest equipped with his chain saw, tree felling wedges and an ax.

Three Selected Publications

drosophila Chromosome Biology Jan Larsson
Vicky Meller

Vicky Meller

Vicky is at the Department of Biological Sciences Wayne State University in Detroit. Hers has been a winding career path, from art to entomology to genetics. Their research interests are in Epigenetics, dosage compensation and the biology of chromosomes.

Vicky spent one summer removing wasps and yellow jacket nests for a small company that sold the insects.

Three Selected Publications

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Howy Jacobs, Professor of Molecular Biology at Tampere University, Finland. Former Chief Editor of EMBO Reports.
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Now's the time for Fly

Fly strives to be the 'go to' journal for the Drosophila community. Find out how your work can make an impact with Fly.
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