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Traffic Injury Prevention
Publishes research on traffic safety, crash causation and injury prevention/treatment, including driver and road, economic and substance related aspects.
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Journal of Transportation Safety & Security
Publishes research on safety, security, infrastructure systems and integrated networks for highway, pedestrian, bicycle, water and aviation transportation.
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International Journal of Sustainable Transportation
Focuses on interactions of transportation systems with urban subsystems and publishes interdisciplinary research on global or local sustainable transportation.
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Transportation Letters
Publishes analytical, empirical and theoretical research on traffic engineering, modeling and simulation, travel behavior, and freight and logistics.
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Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems
Publishes research for improved planning and operation of intelligent transportation systems and examines their impact on aspects like pollution and safety.
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Transportmetrica A: Transport Science
An international journal that publishes research on transport science including research methodology and empirical analysis of moving people and goods.
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Transportmetrica B: Transport Dynamics
Publishes research on transport dynamics, systems, networks, policy, planning and logistics and traffic control, flow, behaviour, emissions and optimization.
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