Disability and Rehabilitation

Research on General, and Chronic Pain

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Developmental Neurorehabilitation
Addresses recovery, rehabilitation & education of patients with brain injury, neurological disorders and developmental, physical and intellectual disabilities.
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Disability and Rehabilitation
An international, peer reviewed journal that publishes research on all aspects of disability and rehabilitation including assessment procedures and training.
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Disability and Rehabilitation: Assistive Technology
Publishes research to advance the practice and science of interdisciplinary and integrative assistive technology service delivery and product design internationally.
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International Journal of Developmental Disabilities
Publishes research on all aspects of intellectual disabilities including genetic predisposition, learning interventions, medication, and challenging behaviour.
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Journal of Intellectual & Developmental Disability
An international journal publishing research in the field of intellectual and developmental disability including coping strategies for families and carers.
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Drug Design, Development and Therapy

Publishes open access research on targeted drug design, including pharmacokinetics, molecular studies, biological compounds, toxicology, and gene therapy.

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Journal of Pain Research
Publishes open access studies on basic and applied pain research, neuromodulation, palliative care, drug studies, opioids, and pain mechanisms and genetics.


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Pharmacogenomics and Personalized Medicine

Publishes open access research on targeted drug identification, discovery and delivery, genetic variability in drug toxicity and efficacy, personalized medicine.

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Chronic pain affects 1 in 4 Canadians and is a leading contributor of disability. Although virtual care has become more prevalent, it is unclear how adults living with chronic pain perceive virtual delivery of exercise interventions within multidisciplinary chronic pain clinics (MCPC).

In virtual reality, avatar embodiment can spur perceptions and behaviours related the avatars’ characteristics. We tested whether embodying superhero-like avatars can change self-perceptions in people with chronic low back pain (CLBP).

The adverse effects of short-term opioid analgesics are well known and acknowledged; however, the spectrum of the sequelae of long-term use seems less clear. Some effects may remain undetected but still have the potential to cause harm and reduce patients’ quality of life.

African Americans disproportionately suffer more severe and debilitating morbidity from chronic pain than do non-Hispanic Whites. These differences may arise from differential exposure to psychosocial and environmental factors such as adverse childhood experiences, racial discrimination, low socioeconomic status, and depression, all of which have been associated with chronic stress and chronic pain.

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