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About the Journal

Digital Journalism provides a critical forum for scholarly discussion, analysis and responses to the wide ranging implications of digital technologies, along with economic, political and cultural developments, for the practice and study of journalism. Radical shifts in journalism are changing every aspect of the production, content and reception of news; and at a dramatic pace which has transformed ‘new media’ into ‘legacy media’ in barely a decade. These crucial changes challenge traditional assumptions in journalism practice, scholarship and education, make definitional boundaries fluid and require reassessment of even the most fundamental questions such as "What is journalism?" and "Who is a journalist?"

Digital Journalism pursues a significant and exciting editorial agenda including:

  • Digital media and the future of journalism;
  • Social media as sources and drivers of news;
  • The changing ‘places’ and ‘spaces’ of news production and consumption in the context of digital media;
  • News on the move and mobile telephony;
  • The personalisation of news;
  • Business models for funding digital journalism in the digital economy;
  • Developments in data journalism and data visualisation;
  • New research methods to analyse and explore digital journalism;
  • Hyperlocalism and new understandings of community journalism;
  • Changing relationships between journalists, sources and audiences;
  • Citizen and participatory journalism;
  • Machine written news and the automation of journalism;
  • The history and evolution of online journalism;
  • Changing journalism ethics in a digital setting;
  • New challenges and directions for journalism education and training;
  • Digital journalism, protest and democracy;
  • Journalists’ changing role perceptions;
  • Wikileaks and novel forms of investigative journalism.

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Digital Journalism

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Editorial Information

Oscar Westlund, Oslo Metropolitan University, Norway, Volda University College, Norway,  and University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Associate Editors:
Scott Eldridge II, University of Groningen, The Netherlands
Kristy Hess, Deakin University, Australia  
Edson Tandoc Jr., Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Founding Editor:
Bob Franklin, Cardiff University, UK

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