Development in Practice Practitioner and Early Career Researcher Prizes

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Development in Practice Practitioner and Early Career Researcher Prizes

Development in Practice

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About the prize

Deadline for abstracts: 10 December 2021

Development in Practice is now offering prizes for practitioners and early career academics from the Global South on four themes.

Four prizes of $US 500 for 2021-22 for the top paper in each category and 12 months “free to view” for the top two papers in each category will be offered.

The categories are as follows:

1. Gender transformative approaches. Papers would focus on research including:

a. Current and emerging barriers that prevent or stymy the progress for ongoing change in gender justice and more equitable gender relations in a specific development context.

b. Current and new practices and thinking that are making an impact in transforming gender relations.

2. The development effects of COVID-19 on communities in the Global South. Papers would focus on research including:

a. How has COVID-19 changed business as usual for better or for worse (for example, something for the better is more emphasis on local leadership and capacity).

b. Are our responses to COVID-19 and development research/practice proactive or adaptive/reactionary? How to reach a middle-ground or good practice?

3. Decolonising development practice. Papers would focus on research that:

a. Takes new approaches to dealing with donors, so all processes are locally driven. Decolonising practice goes beyond donor funded development—even when donors are not involved at all. If the processes are locally driven, can we then assume that it would lead to decolonising development practice?

b. Explores different modes of development practice that are innovative and clearly represent a shift away from Eurocentric approaches to development.

c. Challenges existing “canon” concepts (e.g., empowerment, participation) in a way that is transformative and beyond token.

4. The practice note that best exemplifies practice work in one of these three themes. This is to support and encourage practitioners.

Abstracts of 150 words should be submitted to [email protected] by 10 December 2021. Abstracts should give an overview of how the article corresponds to the category in which you want it to be considered. Papers in full should be submitted by 31 January 2022 to be eligible to be considered.

Please submit the paper through DiP’s online processing platform, along with your 150-word abstract on the category you would like the article to be considered in, as well as one or two paragraphs explaining how your paper meets the criteria, and secondly, how you meet the criteria of an early career (within ten years of graduation, but those who have experienced career interruptions such as parental or family duties are exempted from the ten years) researcher from the Global South.

For practitioner notes, evidence of working in development for either government or NGOs in the Global South is required. 

All submissions will be considered for peer review.

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