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Department change to infuse active learning in precalculus and calculus

Call for Papers for a Special Issue of PRIMUS

Interested in contributing a paper?

The journal PRIMUS (Problems, Resources, and Issues in Mathematics Undergraduate Studies) announces a special issue on mathematics departments in the process of change and the insights and lessons we can learn from them. Chris Rasmussen (San Diego State University), Wendy Smith (University of Nebraska Lincoln) and Robert Tubbs (University of Colorado Boulder) will guest edit the special issue.

The purpose of this special issue is to highlight early wins and challenges experienced by mathematics departments as they work to improve student success by infusing active learning into their precalculus and calculus curricula. We seek papers that describe ongoing stories of mathematics departments in change as they initiate and/or revise departmental norms and practices for graduate student and faculty professional development centered on active learning strategies, course coordination, the building of communities of practice among faculty, the role of department leaders and upper administration in supporting change efforts, and the use of local data to inform and guide innovations.

In order for other departments across the United States to benefit from ongoing change efforts, papers in this special issue should include the following information: local context and departmental culture (e.g., norms and practices related to instructional autonomy, the balance between research and teaching, the involvement of part-time and full-time instructors in teaching precalculus and calculus), implementation plan and expertise of leadership team, revisions to the initial plan and reasons why, early wins and indicators of student success, local departmental challenges faced and strategies employed to mitigate challenges, and, if applicable, the role that communicating with other departments involved in similar change initiatives has played in your change efforts.

Papers for this special issue should be approximately 10 to 12 pages in length (or roughly 3700-4500 words without figures or tables), although there is some flexibility. Supplementary materials, such as appendices and color illustrations, may be published in an online version. PRIMUS is a leading journal for exchanging ideas about teaching collegiate mathematics. PRIMUS appears in print and online formats. PRIMUS publishes lively and engaging articles for a readership comprised primarily of practitioners.

Papers must be submitted through the online submission system at: http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/upri. Submissions will be accepted until June 10, 2019. Papers are refereed and must meet both PRIMUS's standards and the focus of the special issue for consideration.

We also extend a call for referees for the special issue, especially those who have significant experience with or interest in departmental change and implementation of active learning. Please let us know if you would be willing to serve as a referee.

For more information, please contact the Guest Editors:

Chris Rasmussen, chris.rasmussen@sdsu.edu
Wendy Smith, wsmith5@unl.edu 
Robert Tubbs, tubbs@colorado.edu