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Cyber-Physical Systems

Call for Papers | Hybrid Nature Inspired Algorithms with AI for Systems and Network Security | Deadline: 03 May, 2020

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Cyber-Physical Systems

Cyber-Physical Systems is an international interdisciplinary journal dedicated to publishing the highest quality research in the rapidly-growing field of cyber-physical systems / Internet-of-Things.

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Advancements in Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), with the help of optimization algorithms, have benefited societies, computing methodology and communications. Optimization algorithms are considered to be the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Deep Learning (ML\DL).

The advancements in AI have started to make deep impacts in the lives of human beings today. Advanced, AI-driven solutions have already found their place in applications in the areas of automatic IDS, traffic identification (encrypted), advanced next-generation firewalls, malware and virus detection and many other applicable places. The rise of AI-based cyber-attacks could penetrate systems, steal personal data, spread intelligent viruses and destroy entire networks, leading to a catastrophic level of destruction. This requires AI-based solutions that can defend systems from these AI-driven attacks. With many algorithms that have failed based on Machine Learning and Deep Learning, we require hybrid algorithms in order to protect the network and user’s data privacy. The Nature Inspired algorithms, which mimic the nature of biological evolution, have the ability to address the optimal solution of the complex problems in science and engineering along with Machine Learning.

This special issue calls for innovative work that explores the development of hybrid AI-based algorithms\systems, along with Nature Inspired algorithms, for overall security of the systems and networks. This special issue will focus on the AI Technologies in cybersecurity and related issues.

Topics of Interest

Include, but are not limited to:

  • Security-related big data capture, classification and analytics
  • Privacy-preserving machine/deep learning and data mining
  • Applications of AI technologies in cyber security and privacy
  • AI-based intrusion detection and prevention
  • AI approaches to trust and reputation
  • AI-based anomalous behaviour detection
  • AI-based privacy protection
  • AI for self-driving security
  • AI for IoT security
  • AI for industrial control security
  • AI for smart grid security
  • AI for security in innovative networking
  • AI security applications
  • Neural Network and Deep Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence, Collective intelligence
  • Pattern Recognition and Image Processing
  • Machine Learning Applications: Legal systems
  • Bioinformatics
  • Health-care and Medical Systems
  • Identity and Trust Convolution Systems

Guest Editors


Prof. Namita Gupta (namita@mait.ac.in), CSE Dept. Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology, India

Prof. P. S. Grover (drpsgrover@gmail.com), Delhi University, India

Prof. B. Balamurugan (bbalamurugan@galgotiasuniversity.edu.in), Galgotias University, India


Important dates
Extended papers submission due date: 03 May, 2020
First Decision date: 01 June, 2020
Final Revised Submissions date: 15 June, 2020
Acceptance Notifications date: 01 July, 2020