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Critical Reviews in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Does your review paper organize, evaluate, and present the current status of high-impact, current issues in the area of biochemistry and molecular biology?

If so we welcome you to share your work and publish in Critical Reviews in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.  Discover more below!

As the discipline of biochemistry and molecular biology have greatly advanced in the last quarter century, significant contributions have been made towards the advancement of general medicine, genetics, immunology, developmental biology, and biophysics.  

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Topics are selected on the advice of an advisory board of outstanding scientists, who also suggest authors of special competence. The topics chosen are sufficiently broad to interest a wide audience of readers, yet focused enough to be within the competence of a single author. Authors are chosen based on their activity in the field and their proven ability to produce a well-written publication.

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Title Author Issue
Going non-viral: the Sleeping Beauty transposon system breaks on through to the clinical side S Johnen, Z Izsvak, M Hudecek, Z Ivics, G Thumann, M Renner Vol 52 Issue 4
Cell cycle transcription control: DREAM/MuvB and RB-E2F complexes Gerd A. Muller, Martin Fischer Vol 52 Issue 6
Sleeping Beauty transposition: from biology to applications ZIzsvak, S.S. Chilkunda, Z Ivics, S.A. Narayanavari Volume 52 Issue 1
Epigenetic changes during aging and their reprogramming potential A.E. Kane, D.A Sinclair Volume 54 Issue 1
Translesion DNA polymerases in eukaryotes: what makes them tick? A Vaisman, R Woodgate Volume 52 Issue 3
The molecular era of protein S-acylation: spotlight on structure, mechanisms, and dynamics M Zaballa, F. Gisou van der Goot Volume 53 Issue 4
Molecular insights into prolyl and lysyl hydroxylation of fibrillar collagens in health and disease R Bank, R.A.F . Gjaltema Volume 52 Issue 1
The Src module: an ancient scaffold in the evolution of cytoplasmic tyrosine kinases L.M. Nocka, J Kuriyan, J.F. Amacher, N.H. Shah Volume 53 Issue 5
The role of S-nitrosoglutathione reductase (GSNOR) in human disease and therapy S.D. Barnett, I.L.O. Buxton Volume 52 Issue 3
Ro60 and Y RNAs: structure, functions, and roles in autoimmunity M Boccitto, S.L. Wolin Volume 54 Issue 2

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