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Critical Policy Studies: Best Article Awards

Each year, Critical Policy Studies awards two prizes for the best articles in the previous year, the Herbert Gottweis Prize and a prize for the best article written by an early career scholar.

The prize winning articles and authors from the 2018 volume will be announced at ICPP4 2019. Please visit the

Critical Policy Studies Award Luncheon
26 June from 12:30-3:00pm
Concordia University, Montréal
John Molson Building, room 9C

The jury for the 2018 awards was composed of our editorial board members Holger Strassheim, Paul Stubbs and Piyapong Boossabong.

After carefully reading, discussing and ranking all articles in CPS in 2017 the jury has chosen two winning articles:

The Herbert Gottweis Prize for the overall best article published in CPS in 2017 goes to Natalie Papanastasiou for her article "How does scale mean? A critical approach to scale in the study of policy", Critical Policy Studies, 11:1, 39-56. Natalie is a postdoctoral researcher funded by a research grant awarded by the Leverhulme Trust.

The CPS prize for an article by an early stage career researcher goes to Riane Dekker for her article "Frame ambiguity in policy controversies: critical frame analysis of migrant integration policies in Antwerp and Rotterdam", Critical Policy Studies, 11:2, 127-145. Riane has defended her Phd thesis in 2016 and is now working as an assistant professor at the Utrecht University School of Governance.

Critical Policy Studies

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2017 Prizes:

The best article prize was awarded to Ben Williamson for his article, ‘Political computational thinking: policy networks, digital governance and “learning to code”’, published in CPS 10.1 .
The best article by an early-career researcher went to Erik Aarden for his article "Constitutions of justice in genetic medicine: distributing diagnostics for familial hypercholesterolemia in three European countries", published in CPS 10.2.
The judges for the 2017 best article prize include Holger Strassheim, Mara Sidney and Rosana de Freitas Boullosa.

2016 Prizes:

The best article prize was awarded to Joscha Wullweber for "Global politics and empty signifiers: the political construction of high technology" published in CPS 9.1.
The best article by an early-career researcher went to Nicolás Barbieri for "A narrative-interactionist approach to policy change analysis. Lessons from a case study of the cultural policy domain in Catalonia", published in CPS 9.4.
The judges for the 2016 best article prize included Laureen Elgert, Alan Mandell and Philippe Zittoun.