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Justice Quarterly
Publishes studies on issues related to criminal justice, crime, criminal behavior and the causes and consequences of crime.
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Women & Criminal Justice
Publishes critical research on crime, victimization and the criminal justice system as they pertain to the social and cultural construction of gender.
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Victims and Offenders
Publishes interdisciplinary research that examines both victimization and offending throughout the life course from a variety of perspectives.
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Police Practice and Research
Publishes articles on developments in policing, public order, state of safety, community policing, country- or region-specific police organization and more.
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Journal of Criminal Justice Education
Publishes research concerning undergraduate education in criminal justice, including victimology pedagogy and qualitative and quantitative research in criminology.
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Journal of Crime and Justice
Publishes research on criminology and criminal justice, including social control, juvenile justice systems, and policy development and implementation.
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Journal of Offender Rehabilitation
Publishes empirical research on criminal justice program policies, practices and services and aims to inform and improve correctional policies and practice.
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Criminal Justice Studies
Publishes theoretical, empirical and interpretive research on crime and criminal justice and critical assessment of criminal justice policy and practices.
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