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Special Issue Call for Papers

Community Work in Nordic Welfare States in Transition - Conditions, Dilemmas and Directions

Deadline for Abstracts
1 December 2019

Guest editors:
Stefan Sjöberg, PhD in sociology and senior lecturer in social work, University of Gävle
Päivi Turunen, PhD and senior lecturer in social work, University of Gävle

We are pleased to invite scholars to submit an abstract to Nordic Social Work Research for a special issue on Community work in Nordic welfare states in transition - conditions, dilemmas and directions.

After the long-term decline of community work, there is a growing number of researchers in the Nordic countries who are studying various forms of community work in urban and rural settings. There is an interest in focusing on both national and comparative issues, also comprising countries outside the Nordic region. Scholars have pointed out a growing need for community work in welfare societies in transition. There is today an ongoing renewal of community work, ranging from community planning and field work to sport and art, in order to meet both local and global challenges concerning issues of welfare policies, sustainable development, migration, youth, elderly and diverse changes of everyday life. Additionally, there is a need to revisit the theoretical and practical legacy of community work, and to rearticulate community work in the contemporary social work discourse.

Submission instructions

Submission details and timetable:
The special issue editors welcome abstracts of 400-600 words including the titles and e-mail addresses of the authors. The abstracts must be submitted by December 1st 2019 to both Stefan Sjöberg (stnsjg@hig.se) and Päivi Turunen (paitun@hig.se). After review by the special issue editors, decisions about acceptance and further details will be e-mailed to the authors February 1st 2020 at the latest. Articles (maximum 7000 words) should be submitted no later than September 1st 2020 by using Scholar One and following the instructions for authors.

By submission, please indicate that the article is a candidate for this special issue.
The articles will then be peer-reviewed. Those selected for publication are scheduled to be published in late 2021/early 2022.


Stefan Sjöberg, University of Gävle: stnsjg@hig.se
Päivi Turunen, University of Gävle: paitun@hig.se

Societies today face a number of social and spatial challenges that concern social work in general and vulnerable local communities - from sparsely populated areas to marginalized suburbs - in particular. This special issue of Nordic Social Work Research aims, therefore, to highlight these changed conditions and forms of community work. We welcome articles related to community work in relation to the welfare state’s transition and the changed social conditions in various ways: policy changes, marginalized neighborhoods and groups, community

resilience, eco-social community work and sustainability, community planning, community work and voluntary organizations, challenges for new cooperatives, social movements (including movements of disabled people), social clubs, action research, dialogue and participation, arts and design, and other community based activities . The focus is on social work, although examples from other fields are welcome, provided that the articles discuss community work in the Nordic context of social work and welfare state transition in a relevant manner.