Best Young Researcher Paper Award

Cognitive Neuropsychiatry


About the prize

The aim of the award is to raise awareness of the outstanding young researchers in the multi-disciplinary field of cognitive neuropsychiatry. 

There are three annual awards available for the best article published during the volume year: $250 for 1st place, $150 for 2nd place, and $100 for 3rd place.   Articles should focus on the study of cognitive processes underlying psychological and behavioural abnormalities, including psychotic symptoms, with and without organic brain disease. Cognitive Neuropsychiatry seeks original papers, short reports, case studies and theoretical and empirical reviews in fields of clinical and cognitive neuropsychiatry, which have a bearing on the understanding of normal cognitive processes. Relevant research from cognitive neuroscience, cognitive neuropsychology and clinical populations will also be considered.     


To be eligible for this prize you must:  

  • be younger than 35 at the time of original submission. 

  • have also played a substantial role in the work   


All submissions should be made online at the Cognitive Neuropsychiatry submission portal site. During the submission process please declare that the work qualifies for consideration for the Cognitive Neuropsychiatry Best Young Researcher Paper Award by checking the appropriate box.   

Please visit the ‘Instructions for Authors’ at for more information on submitting a paper to the journal.     

Deadline: Published articles within each volume will be considered for the award following the closure of the annual volume and will be announced in the following year. Articles must have been published in Cognitive Neuropsychiatry to be considered.

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