Social Psychology

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Social Psychology

Cogent Psychology

Social Psychology publishes empirical work across the full scope of social psychology. Topics may include: social evaluation, social cognition, self and identity, intra- and intergroup relations, prejudice and stereotypes, social influence, and further issues. Topics from applied social psychology are also welcome.

Meet the Section Editor

Andrea E. Abele, Social Psychology

Andrea E. Abele is a professor of Social Psychology at the University of Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany. She is also Vice-president of the Bavarian Academy of Science, and fellow of APS and SESP. Currently, she serves at the Board of Scientific Affairs at EFPA. From 2014-2016 she was president of the German Psychological Society. Andrea Abele has been reviewer for high-ranking journals in both social and organizational psychology and she is also reviewer for grant proposals throughout Europe.

Her research interests are social cognition, particularly the fundamental dimensions of social judgment and actor – observer differences in evaluation. She has published research in positive psychology (determinants of happiness), gender issues (career development), and motivational underpinnings of behavior more generally. Andrea Abele has published more than 250 papers in high ranking journals.

Professor Abele received a number of important awards like, among others, a theoretical advancement award from EASP in 2017; life-time award from DGPS in 2020; and teaching award from the Bavarian Ministry of Science in 2013.

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