Educational Psychology

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Educational Psychology

Cogent Psychology

Educational Psychology promotes the application of psychological theory to support children and young people’s social and mental wellbeing as well as their learning in within family and educational settings. This section focuses on topics such as issues faced by children and young people with special educational needs, promoting children and young people’s social and emotional development, advances in evidence-based educational interventions and tackling systemic issues that impact on children and young people.

Meet the Section Editor

Victoria Simms, Educational Psychology

Victoria Simms is a developmental psychologist with a specific interest in the application of psychological theory to education. Victoria’s research has mainly focused on the development of mathematical thinking in children and it’s multiple influences. Victoria's work has also investigated the long-term consequences of preterm birth, specifically cognitive and educational outcomes. Current projects include cross-cultural comparisons of mathematical cognition, the influence of the home environment on early learning and neuro-imaging of mathematical processing.

Victoria’s research has been funded by Action Medical Research, Nuffield Foundation, British Academy and the Global Challenges Research Fund. Victoria was awarded the Neil O’Connor award from the British Psychological Society in 2015 for her work on the outcomes of children following premature birth. Victoria has clear focus on applying research findings to practice. Along with her collaborators on the Premature Skills in Mathematics (PRISM) study, Victoria was awarded the British Association of Perinatal Medicine (BAPM) Gopi Menon Award 2020 for ‘Excellence in Research or Innovation’ for their work on an educational resource for teachers and parents around preterm birth and its consequences:

Victoria completed her PhD in Cognitive Psychology at QUB in 2008. Victoria then worked as a Post-doctoral Research Fellow at a number of institutions (Heriot Watt University, Queen's University Belfast and the University of Leicester) before joining Ulster University in 2013. Victoria was appointed as Research Director for the School of Psychology in 2017 and was promoted to Reader in Psychology in 2018.

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