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Clinical Toxicology

Table of Contents for Clinical Toxicology. List of articles from both the latest and ahead of print issues.

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American Association of Poison Control Centers

Article TitleAuthorVolume/ Issue
Levetiracetam in toxic seizuresTed Lee, Brandon J. Warrick, Preeyaporn Sarangarm, Robert L. Alunday, Silas Bussmann, Susan C. Smolinske & Steven A. Seifert Vol. 56 Iss,. 3
Suicidal bupropion ingestions in adolescents: increased morbidity compared with other antidepressantsDavid C. Sheridan, Amber Lin & B. Zane HorowitzVol. 56 Iss. 5
Safety and effectiveness of physostigmine: a 10-year retrospective review. Ann M. Arens, Krishna Shah, Suad Al-Abri, Kent R. Olson & Tom KearnesVol 56 Iss. 2
Utilization of lipid emulsion therapy in fatal overdose cases: an observational studySusan Smolinske, Robert S. Hoffman, Eric Villeneuve, Lotte C. G. Hoegberg & Sophie GosselinVol. 57 Iss. 3
2017 Annual Report of the American Association of Poison Control Centers’ National Poison Data System (NPDS): 35th Annual Report David D. Gummin MD, James B. Mowry PharmD, Daniel A. Spyker PhD, MD, Daniel E. Brooks MD, Krista M. Osterthaler MPH & William Banner MD, PhDVol. 56 Iss. 12

American Academy of Clinical Toxicology

Article AuthorVolume/Issue
North American Congress of Clinical Toxicology (NACCT) Abstracts 2018. The safety of high-dose insulin euglycaemia therapy in toxin-induced cardiac toxicityColin B. Page, Nicole M. Ryan & Geoffrey K. IsbisterVol. 56 Iss. 10
Hypoglycemia and lactic acidosis outperform King’s College criteria for predicting death or transplant in acetaminophen toxic patientsMichael Levine, Samuel J. Stellpflug, Anthony F. Pizon, David A. Peak, Janna Villano, Timothy Wiegand, Christian Dib & Stephen H. ThomasVol. 56 Iss. 7
Physostigmine is superior to non-antidote therapy in the management of antimuscarinic delirium: a prospective study from a regional poison centerSean P. Boley, Travis D. Olives, Stacey A. Bangh, Samuel Fahrner & Jon B. ColeVol. 57 Iss. 1
ACMT and AACT position statement: preventing occupational fentanyl and fentanyl analog exposure to emergency respondersMichael J. Moss, Brandon J. Warrick, Lewis S. Nelson, Charles A. McKay, Pierre-André Dubé, Sophie Gosselin, Robert B. Palmer & Andrew I. StolbachVol. 56 Iss. 4
The safety of high-dose insulin euglycaemia therapy in toxin-induced cardiac toxicityPage CB, Ryan NM, Isbister GKVol. 56 Iss. 6

European Association of Poisons Centres and Clinical Toxicologists

Article TitlesAuthorVolume/Issue
38th International Congress of the European Association of Poisons Centres and Clinical Toxicologists (EAPCCT) 22–25 May 2018, Bucharest, RomaniaVol. 56 Iss. 6
Intoxications in the STRIDA project involving a panorama of psychostimulant pyrovalerone derivatives, MDPV copycatsOlof Beck, Matilda Bäckberg, Patrick Signell & Anders HelanderVol. 56 Iss. 4
Role of activation of lipid peroxidation in the mechanisms of acute methanol poisoningJiri Hlusicka, Tomas Loster, Lucie Lischkova, Manuela Vaneckova, Zdenek Seidl, Pavel Diblik, Pavel Kuthan, Pavel Urban, Tomas Navratil, Petr Kacer & Sergey ZakharovVol. 56 Iss. 10
Magnesium sulfate and calcium channel blocking drugs as antidotes for acute organophosphorus insecticide poisoning – a systematic review and meta-analysisMiran Brvar, Ming Yin Chan, Andrew H. Dawson, Richard R. Ribchester & Michael EddlestonVol. 56 Iss. 8
Is naloxone the best antidote to reverse tramadol-induced neuro-respiratory toxicity in overdose? An experimental investigation in the ratCamille Lagard, Isabelle Malissin, Wassila Indja, Patricia Risède, Lucie Chevillard & Bruno Mégarbane Vol. 56 Iss. 8

Asia Pacific Association of Medical Toxicology

Article Title Author Volume/Issue
High-dose immunosuppression to prevent death after paraquat self-poisoning – a randomised controlled trialGawarammana I, Buckley NA, Mohamed F, et al. Vol. 56 Iss. 7
Comparison of low dose and standard dose abdominal CT scan in body stuffers. Clin Toxicol Bahrami-Motlagh H, Mahboubi-Fooladi Z, Salevatipour B, Hassanian-Moghaddam H, Mirhashemi SH. Vol. 56 Iss. 5
Histamine poisoning from insect consumption: an outbreak investigation from ThailandChomchai S, Chomchai C. Vol. 56 Iss. 2
Cyanide poisoning in Thailand before and after establishment of the National Antidote ProjectSrisuma S, Pradoo A, Rittilert P, Wongvisavakorn S, Tongpoo A, Sriapha C, Krairojananan W, Suchonwanich N, Khomvilai S, Wananukul W. Vol. 56 Iss. 4
16th Annual Scientific Congress of Asia Pacific Association of Medical Toxicology (APAMT) 8-10 November 2017, Kandy, Sri Lanka.Vol. 56 Iss. 7