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Clinical Toxicology

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Below are free to view selections by sponsoring societies of Clinical Toxicology for 2019. 


American Association of Poison Control Centers

Article Title Author Volume/ Issue
Adverse events associated with diphenhydramine in children, 2008–2015 Robert B. Palmer, Kate M. Reynolds, William Banner, G. Randall Bond, Ralph E. Kauffman, Ian M. Paul, Jody L. Green & Richard C. Dart Vol. 58 Issue 2
Utilization of lipid emulsion therapy in fatal overdose cases: an observational study Susan Smolinske, Robert S. Hoffman, Eric Villeneuve, Lotte C. G. Hoegberg & Sophie Gosselin Vol. 57 Issue 3
Early administration of Fab antivenom resulted in faster limb recovery in copperhead snake envenomation patients Victoria E. Anderson, Charles J. Gerardo, Malin Rapp-Olsson, Sean P. Bush, Michael E. Mullins, Spencer Greene, Eric A. Toschlog, Eugenia Quackenbush, S. Rutherfoord Rose, Richard B. Schwartz, Nathan P. Charlton, Brandon Lewis, Kurt C. Kleinschmidt, Kapil Sharma,Eric J. Lavonas Vol 57 Issue 1
A 10-year review of single medication double-dose ingestions in the nation’s largest poison control system Matthew S. Correia, Elizabeth Whitehead, F. Lee Cantrell, Daniel R. Lasoff,Alicia B. Minns Vol. 57 Issue 1

American Academy of Clinical Toxicology

Article Author Volume/Issue
Medical outcomes of bromethalin rodenticide exposures reported to US poison centers after federal restriction of anticoagulants Ryan Feldman, Matthew Stanton, Douglas Borys, Mark Kostic & David Gummin Vol. 57 Issue 11
Analysis of blood lead levels of young children in Flint, Michigan before and during the 18-month switch to Flint River water Hernán F. Gómez, Dominic A. Borgialli, Mahesh Sharman, Keneil K. Shah, Anthony J. Scolpino, James M. Oleske & John D. Bogden Vol. 57 Issue 9
An epidemiologic and clinical description of e-cigarette toxicity Adrienne Hughes & Robert G. Hendrickson Vol. 57 Issue 4
Snakebites and climate change in California, 1997–2017 Caleb Phillips, Grant S. Lipman, Hallam Gugelmann, Katie Doering & Derrick Lung Vol. 57 Issue 3

European Association of Poisons Centres and Clinical Toxicologists

Article Titles Author Volume/Issue
Mechanisms of toxic cardiomyopathy Philippe Hantson Vol. 57 Issue 1
Gadolinium-based contrast agents – what is the evidence for ‘gadolinium deposition disease’ and the use of chelation therapy? Kerry A. Layne, David M. Wood & Paul I. Dargan Vol. 58 Issue 3
A review of 4652 exposures to liquid laundry detergent capsules reported to the United Kingdom National Poisons Information Service 2008–2018 Rachael Day, Sally M. Bradberry, Gillian Jackson, David J. Lupton, Euan A. Sandilands, Simon H. L. Thomas, John P. Thompson & J. Allister Vale Vol. 57 Issue 12
Consensus statements on the approach to patients in a methanol poisoning outbreak Hossein Hassanian-Moghaddam, Nasim Zamani, Darren M. Roberts, Jeffrey Brent, Kenneth McMartin, Cynthia Aaron, Michael Eddleston, Paul I. Dargan, Kent Olson, Lewis Nelson, Ashish Bhalla, Philippe Hantson, Dag Jacobsen, Bruno Megarbane, Mahdi Balali-Mood, Nicholas A. Buckley, Sergey Zakharov, Raido Paasma, Bhavesh Jarwani, Amirhossein Mirafzal, Tomas Salek & Knut Erik Hovda Vol. 57 Issue 12

Asia Pacific Association of Medical Toxicology

Article Title Author Volume/Issue
Evaluation of the accuracy of "ChE check mobile" in measurement of acetylcholinesterase in pesticide poisoning Shihana F, Worek F, Dassanayake GA, Rathgamage SH, Dhanarisi J, Buckley Vol. 57 Issue 6
Clinical outcomes from early use of digoxin-specific antibodies versus observation in chronic digoxin poisoning (ATOM-4) Chan BS, Isbister GK, Page CB, Isoardi KZ, Chiew AL, Kirby KA, Buckley Vol. 57 Issue 7
Retrospective evaluation of repeated supratherapeutic ingestion (RSTI) of paracetamol Egan H, Isbister GK, Robinson J, Downes M, Chan BS, Vecellio E, Chiew Vol. 57 Issue 8
Utility of QT interval corrected by Rautaharju method to predict drug-induced torsade de pointes Othong R, Wattanasansomboon S, Kruutsaha T, Chesson D, Arj-Ong Vallibhakara S, Kazzi Vol. 57 Issue 4