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The Clinical Neuropsychologist
The Clinical Neuropsychologist publishes research, discussions and case studies on neuropsychology.
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Anxiety, Stress & Coping
Publishes clinical studies on anxiety dimensions, stress and coping and the link between stress and psychological and physiological processes.
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Trending research

Traumatic brain injury screening and neuropsychological functioning in women who experience intimate partner violence

Published recently in The Clinical Neuropsychologist, this article investigates the possible occurrence of TBI in a group of women who survived IPV and to measure the specific profile of cognitive deficits using standardized neuropsychological measures. Read more.
Journal of Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology
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Aging, Neuropsychology, and Cognition
Publishes works on normal and dysfunctional cognitive development in adulthood and aging and research connecting cognitive gerontology and neuropsychology.
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Research in action

Effort-based decision making and self-reported apathy in frequent cannabis users and healthy controls: A replication and extension

Published recently in the Journal of Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology, this article aims to replicate and extend previous research on frequent cannabis use, motivated behavior, and self-reported apathy. Read more.
Publishes research on aphasia, language impairment and disabilities related to brain damage, also covering speech and language pathology, neurology, and more.
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Journal of Clinical Child & Adolescent Psychology
JCCAP publishes articles on intervention techniques for use with clinical child and adolescent populations, training in clinical psychology and child advocacy.
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Trending research

Preferences of people with post-stroke aphasia for aphasia research videos: An international project

Published recently in Aphasiology, this article explores the format preferences of PWA for aphasia-accessible research videos. Read more
Aging & Mental Health
Aging & Mental Health investigates the relationship between the aging process and mental health, and explores mental changes associated with aging.
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Child Neuropsychology
Publishes papers on neuropsychological effects of disorders affecting brain functioning and neuropsychology of development in children and adolescents.
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Research in action

Domain-general and domain-specific cognitive correlates of developmental dyscalculia: a systematic review of the last two decades’ literature

Published recently in Child Neuropsychology, this study aims to systematically review studies investigating the underlying cognitive causal factors associated with developmental dyscalculia in the last two decades. Read more
Psychology & Health
Publishes works on the psychological and psychosocial aspects of physical illnesses and their prevention using communication and psychological interventions.
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Archives of Suicide Research
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Journal of Aggression, Maltreatment & Trauma
Publishes research on aggression, maltreatment and trauma, including prevention of behaviors and intervention in the abuse of children and adults alike.
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Military Psychology
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