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Climate Policy

Editor’s Choice – 2019 Climate Change Conference

Climate Policy has a proud record of publishing cutting-edge papers that engage with issues on the agenda of the UN climate change negotiations.  We are focusing our latest Editor’s Choice on our most recent papers that fall into this category, to coincide with the 2019 Climate Change Conference
(Madrid, 2-13 December).   

The selected papers propose specific options for the ongoing negotiations on rules for the Paris Agreement Article 6 mechanisms and international carbon markets. They also consider prospects for the forthcoming Global Stocktake in terms of boosting equity and ambition, along with a proposal to introduce a human rights dimension to loss and damage under the Warsaw International Mechanism.  In addition, we feature a proposed new approach to a long-standing issue that lies at the heart of an effective response to climate change – how to boost capacity among developing countries to respond to climate change.

Although not on the formal agenda, an important dimension to the 2019 Climate Change Conference, as promoted by the Chilean Presidency, will be drawing attention to the health of the oceans.  Ocean acidification is a key theme here, and our Editor’s Choice therefore includes a legal perspective on how this issue could be incorporated within the climate change regime.

Finally, we showcase a forward-looking paper that urges discussion in the climate change negotiations of a previously-neglected topic – food-related emissions and dietary shifts.

These articles will be available to read for free until 31/05/2020

Climate Policy