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Climate and Ecosystems

Restore and Protect Our Ecosystems

Influencing Climate Change & Sustainability through Science & Research

Taylor & Francis is committed to providing quality, data-driven research to help promote progress toward a more sustainable future. In honor of World Reef Day, World Environment Day and World Ocean Day, we invite you to explore the below list of custom collated climate research articles, which have been hand-selected from various journals across our portfolio. 

The articles have been chosen to coincide with the themes of these days: Sustainable Coastlines, Ecosystem Restoration and Conservation Action.

We’ve made the below collection available and free to access via the links on this page until December 31, 2021.

Explore the collection below and join the conversation at @tandfenviro.

Sustainable Coastlines

Scientific papers focusing on the impact climate change has on our reefs.

Journal Title Authors Year Published
GeoHumanities Can Interdisciplinary Insights Encourage a Meaningful Response to the Climate Crisis? Narratives from the Great Barrier Reef, Australia S. Hamylton, L. Gibbs, K. Williams, et al. 2020
Coastal Engineering Journal Assessment to 2100 of the effects of reef formation on increased wave heights due to intensified tropical cyclones and sea level rise at Ishigaki Island, Okinawa, Japan C. Hongo & M. Kiguchi. 2021
Coastal Management Biological Status Assessment of Coral Reefs in Southern Puerto Rico: Supporting Coral Reef Protection Under the U.S. Clean Water Act W. Fisher, D. Vivian, J. Campbell, et al. 2019
Journal of International Wildlife Law & Policy The Preservation of Coral Reefs as a Key Step for Healthy and Sustainable Oceans: The Belize Case G. Scocca. 2020
Marine Biology Research Coral restoration research and technical developments: what we have learned so far M. Omori. 2019
Journal of Integrative Environmental Sciences The influence of climate change on tsunami-like solitary wave inundation over fringing reefs K. Shao, W. Liu, Y. Gao, et al. 2019
Aquatic Ecosystem Health & Management The status of coral reefs in central Vietnam’s coastal water under climate change D. Doan. 2020
African Journal of Marine Science Interactive effects of pH and temperature on native and alien mussels from the west coast of South Africa M. Emanuel, D. Pillay, M. Merwe, et al. 2020
European Journal of Phycology Diversity of Kallymeniaceae (Gigartinales, Rhodophyta) associated with Hawaiian mesophotic reefs F. Cabrera, J. Huisman, H. Spalding, et al. 2021
Ecosystem Health and Sustainability Seagrass meadows provide multiple benefits to adjacent coral reefs through various microhabitat functions J. Du, W. Hu, I. Nagelkerken, et al. 2020

Ecosystem Restoration

Research focused on ways to prevent, halt and reverse the degradation of ecosystems worldwide.

Journal Title Authors Year Published
Environment: Science and Policy for Sustainable Development Green Infrastructure: Lessons in Governance and Collaboration From Tucson A. Gerlak, M. Zuckerman, A. Elder, et al. 2021
Inland Waters Ecosystem restoration in the Everglades and Great Lakes ecosystems: past, present, and future preventative management A. Steinman & E. Kindervater. 2021
Ecosystem Health and Sustainability Recreation ecology research in China’s protected areas: progress and prospect L Zhong, X. Zhang, J. Deng, et al. 2020
Ethnos ‘Plastic Pollution’ and Plastics as Pollution in Mumbai, India G. Pathak. 2020
Global Change, Peace & Security Emerging responses to global climate change: ecosystem-based adaptation J. Barkdull & P. Harris. 2019
Journal of Environmental Planning and Management Urban ecosystem conditions and ecosystem services – a comparison between large urban zones and city cores in the EU C. Kourdounouli & A. Jönsson. 2020
Climate and Development Responses of water insecure coastal communities of Tanzania to climate change impacts. Is it incremental or transformative adaptation? B. Magesa & N. Pauline. 2019
Hydrological Sciences Journal Different responses to climate change of the hydrological regime of Lake Hańcza, the deepest lake in the Central European Plain M. Ptak & M. Sojka. 2021
Journal of Ecohydraulics Impact assessment of climate change on environmental flow component and water temperature—Kikuchi River R. Morid, Y. Shimatani & T. Sato. 2019
Geology, Ecology, and Landscapes Protected areas and forest fragmentation: sustainability index for prioritizing fragments for landscape restoration T. Matos, V. Matos, K. Mello, et al. 2021

Conservation Action

Research which examines the impact climate has had on oceans, and conservation tactics that can protect the world’s oceans.

Journal Title Authors Year Published
New Zealand Journal of Marine and Freshwater Research Evaluation of four global ocean reanalysis products for New Zealand waters–A guide for regional ocean modelling J. Souza, P. Cuto, R. Soutelino, et al. 2021
Climate Policy (Re)Framing ocean acidification in the context of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and Paris Agreement E. Harrould-Kolieb. 2019
Australian Journal of Maritime & Ocean Affairs Antarctic governance in a climate changed world J. McGee & M. Haward. 2019
Tellus A: Dynamic Meteorology and Oceanography Multi-year ocean thermal variability C. Wunsch. 2020
Society & Natural Resources A Systematic Review of the Socioeconomic Factors that Influence How Marine Protected Areas Impact on Ecosystems and Livelihoods M. Mizrahi, A. Diedrich, R. Weeks, et al. 2019
Journal of Electromagnetic Waves and Applications Protecting oceans from illicit oil spills: environment control and remote sensing using spaceborne imaging radars K. Sankaran. 2019
Journal of Operational Oceanography Challenges for global ocean observation: the need for increased human capacity P. Miloslavich, S. Seeyave, F. Muller-Karger, et al. 2019
IETE Journal of Education What Limits Our Understanding of Oceans? Challenges in Marine Instrumentation A. Nair, S. Muthukumaravel & T. Sudhakar. 2020
Environmental Communication Something Very Fishy: An Informal STEAM Project Making a Case for Ocean Conservation and Climate Change M. Tallapragada, K. Prosser, K. Braffitt, et al. 2021
International Journal of River Basin Management Vulnerability, impacts and assessment of climate change on Jakarta and Venice A. Varrani & M. Nones. 2018

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