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Life under Water

How Climate Research Changes Our World

Climate research plays a critical role in helping to protect and preserve our oceans for many years to come.

In acknowledgement of the importance of this research, we’ve set free leading articles from our portfolio that relate to the theme of Life under Water. The articles below cover a variety of topics, including oceans, coasts and the management of hydro-environments.

All featured research will be available via this page until 31 December 2020 for you to read, share and cite.

Explore the collection and join in the conversation at @tandfenviro.



Sound scientific papers focused on the impact of climate change on our oceans.

Journal Article Author Year
Coastal Management In Political Seas: Engaging with Political Ecology in the Ocean and Coastal Environment N. J. Bennett. 2019
Atmosphere-Ocean Climate Change on Newfoundland and Labrador Shelves: Results From a Regional Downscaled Ocean and Sea-Ice Model Under an A1B Forcing Scenario 2011–2069 G. Han, Z. Ma, Z. Long, et al. 2019
New Zealand Journal of Marine and Freshwater Ocean temperature change around New Zealand over the last 36 years P. J. H. Sutton & M. Bowen 2019
New Zealand Journal of Marine and Freshwater Predicting seasonal ocean variability around New Zealand using a coupled ocean-atmosphere model C. O. de Burgh-Day, C. M. Spillman, C. Stevens et al. 2019

Mangroves and Wetlands

Research focused on efforts already underway, reviewing initiatives in managing the health of our wetland ecosystems.

Journal Article Author Year
Journal of Sustainable Forestry Mangrove management for climate change adaptation and sustainable development in coastal zones J. Chow 2017
Ecosystem Health and Sustainability Functional integrity of freshwater forested wetlands, hydrologic alteration, and climate change B. A. Middleton & N. J. Souter 2017
Ecosystem Health and Sustainability A critical review of policies and legislation protecting Tanzanian wetlands S. F. Materu, B. Urban & S. Heise 2018
Journal of Applied Water Engineering and Research River bank stabilisation by bioengineering: potentials for ecological diversity K. Schmitt, M.Schäffer, J. Koop et al. 2018
Australasian Journal of Water Resources Missing in action: possible effects of water recovery on stream and river flows in the Murray–Darling Basin, Australia J. Williams & R. Q. Grafton 2018

Hydrological Cycles

Research which examines new ways we can improve the approach towards water management.

Journal Article Author Year
Journal of Sustainable Forestry An assessment of hydrological functions of forest ecosystems to support sustainable forest management S. Keleş 2018
Big Earth Data Global water cycle and remote sensing big data: overview, challenge, and opportunities Y. Cui, X. Chen, J. Gao et al. 2018
Hydrological Sciences Journal How the performance of hydrological models relates to credibility of projections under climate change V. Krysanova, C. Donnelly, A. Gelfan et al. 2018
Geology, Ecology and Landscapes Impact of soil erosion and degradation on water quality: a review S. Issaka & M. A. Ashraf 2017

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