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Life on Land

How Climate Research Changes Our World

Climate research plays a critical role in helping to protect and preserve our forests for many years to come.

In acknowledgement of the importance of this research, we’ve set free leading articles from our portfolio that relate to the theme of Life on Land. The articles below cover a variety of topics, including forestry and land, and effects on biodiversity and ecosytems.

All featured research will be available via this page until 31 December 2020 for you to read, share and cite.

Explore the collection and join in the conversation at @tandfenviro.

Soil and Crop Science

Sound scientific papers focused on the impact of climate change on our soils.

Journal Article Author Year
New Zealand Journal of Agricultural Research A review of soil carbon change in New Zealand’s grazed grasslands Louis A. Schipper, Paul L. Mudge, Miko U. F. Kirschbaum et al. 2017
Plant Production Science Effects of free-air CO2 enrichment on flower opening time in rice Kazuhiro Kobayasi, Hidemitsu Sakai, Takeshi Tokida et al. 2019
Soil Science and Plant Nutrition Managing soils for negative feedback to climate change and positive impact on food and nutritional security Rattan Lal 2020
Hydrological Sciences Journal Hydrological response to future land-use change and climate change in a tropical catchment Hero Marhaento, Martijn J. Booij & Arjen Y. Hoekstra 2018

Ecosystem Protection

Research focused on efforts already underway, reviewing initiatives on ecosystem protection. 

Journal Article Author Year
Australasian Journal of Environmental Management A comparison of climate change impacts on park values on four Queensland World Heritage National Parks in Australia Sherri L. Tanner-McAllister-McAllister, Jonathan R. Rhodes & Marc Hockings 2018
Climate Policy Securing the climate benefits of stable forests Jason M. Funk, Naikoa Aguilar-Amuchastegui, William Baldwin-Cantello et al. 2019
Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association Advances in science and applications of air pollution monitoring: A case study on oil sands monitoring targeting ecosystem protection J.R. Brook, S.G. Cober, M. Freemark et al. 2019
Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association Wildfire and prescribed burning impacts on air quality in the United States Daniel A. Jaffe, Susan M. O'Neill & Narasimhan K. Larkin 2020


Research which examines new ways we can improve the approach to protect our forests. 

Journal Article Author Year
Forest Science and Technology An overview of interrelationship between climate change and forests Inkyin Khaine & Su Young Woo 2014
Journal of Forest Research Policy effects for forest conservation and local livelihood improvements in Vietnam: a case study on Bach Ma National Park Seiji Iwanaga, Shigeki Yokoyama, Dang Thai Duong et al. 2019
Journal of Sustainable Forestry The future of tropical forests under the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Latha Swamy, Erika Drazen, Whitney R. Johnson et al. 2017

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