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Climate Action

How Climate Research Changes Our World

Climate research plays a critical role in shaping past, present and future responses to climate change.

In acknowledgement of the importance of this research, we’ve set free leading articles from our portfolio that relate to the theme of climate action. The articles below cover a variety of topics, including climate change, climate development and climate impact.

All featured research will be available via this page until 31 December 2020 for you to read, share and cite.

Explore the collection and join in the conversation at @tandfenviro.

Climate Policy

Sound scientific papers focused on the impact of politics on our climate.

Journal Article Author Year
Australasian Journal of Water Resources Australian Indigenous Water Policy and the impacts of the ever-changing political cycle K. Taylor, B. Moggridge & A. Poelina. 2017
Ecosystem Health and Sustainability Sustainability policy considerations for ecosystem management in central and eastern europe F. Berkes. 2017
Climate Policy International and national climate policies for aviation: a review J. Larsson, A. Elofsson,T. Sterner, et al. 2018
Climate and Development Beyond Technical Fixes: climate solutions and the great derangement A. Nightingale, S. Eriksen, M. Taylor, et al. 2019
Journal of Environmental Policy & Planning Between environmental and ecological democracy: theory and practice at the democracy-environment nexus J. Pickering, K. Backstrand & D. Schlosberg. 2020

Climate Strategies

Research focused on efforts already underway, reviewing what works and what doesn’t in regards to climate action.

Journal Article Author Year
Australasian Journal of Environmental Management Planning to engage the community on renewables: insights from community engagement plans of the Australian wind industry N. Hall, J. Hicks, T. Lane, et al. 2019
Australian Journal of Earth Sciences The present-day stress field of New South Wales, Australia M. Rajabi, M. Tingay & O. Heidbach. 2016
Big Earth Data A geo-spatial database about the eco-environment and its key issues in South Asia A. Li, W. Deng, W. Zhao, et al. 2018
International Journal of Digital Earth A workflow for Sustainable Development Goals indicators assessment based on high-resolution satellite data N. Kussul, M. Lavreniuk, A. Kolotti, et al. 2019
Ecosystem Health and Sustainability Addressing challenges of developing countries in implementing five priorities for sustainable development goals S. Sarvajayakesavalu. 2017

Climate Considerations

Research which examines new ways we can improve the approach to fight climate change.

Journal Article Author Year
Australasian Journal of Environmental Management Integrating Aboriginal cultural values into water planning: a case study from New South Wales, Australia B. Moggridge, L. Betterridge & R. Thompson. 2019
Journal of the Royal Society of New Zealand Understanding climate change through Earth’s energy flows K. Trenberth. 2020
Ecosystem Health and Sustainability Impact of climate change on biodiversity and associated key ecosystem services in Africa: a systematic review D. Sintayehu. 2018
Climate Policy Conditional nationally determined contributions in the Paris Agreement: foothold for equity or Achilles heel? W. Pauw, P. Castro, J. Pickering, et al. 2019
International Journal of Sustainable Development & World Ecology Reinvigorating the sustainable development research agenda: the role of the sustainable development goals (SDG) W. Filho, U. Azeiteiro, F. Alves, et al. 2017

Rapid and transparent dissemination of research enabling evidence-based action on climate change

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