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25th Anniversary - Virtual Special Issue

Journal of Urban Technology

When we first conceived of this journal, JUT’s managing editor and my wife, Maryann Donato and I were celebrating our twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. Our children had left us “empty nesters”, so we made room in our house for a “brain child”. Recently, having celebrated our fiftieth wedding anniversary, we now celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of Journal of Urban Technology.

For the first four years of its existence, the journal was a “mom and pop” operation emanating from our kitchen table. With help from colleagues at New York City College of Technology (CUNY) and the support of early board members, articles were acquired, reviewed, edited, and typeset into “camera-ready copy”. Printing and distribution costs were covered by modest early grants from NYNEX, Con Edison, and Teleport Communications.

Its early days were somewhat New York-centric until Simon Marvin and Stephen Graham in Newcastle, UK learned about us and introduced us to Carfax, a small academic press in Oxford. Once acquired by Carfax, the journal went international with its board, its articles, and its readership.  That readership grew as did the company, eventually merging with Taylor & Francis/Informa.

It is sometimes hard to remember that when JUT began publishing, there was no World Wide Web; there was no Internet of Things; urban infrastructures were neither networked nor splintered; phones were just beginning to become “mobile”, but were not yet “smart”; and people were thinking about how to make cities sustainable, but weren’t talking about making them “smart”.  Finally, the ways in which articles in the journal are now composed, submitted, reviewed, published, accessed, and archived have all changed in ways we did not foresee at that kitchen table many years ago. | Read the full intro here

Article TitleAuthors
The evolution of American urban technology Joel A.Tarr, Josef W.Konvitz, Mark H.Rose
Privatization of utilities: The implications for cities in the United KingdomSimon Marvin & Stephen Graham
Data Organization in SpreadsheetsKarl W. Broman & Kara H. Woo
Information technology and low‐income, inner‐city communitiesRichard M. Krieg
Electronic space and powerSaskia Sassen
Virtual cities, social polarization, and the crisis in urban public spaceStephen Graham & Alessandra Aurigi
A city's metabolism: Towards the sustainable development of urban systemsPeter Baccini
The terror of the trollyJoseph P. Sullivan
A Place on Earth: Technology, Space, and DisabilityBrendan Gleeson
Recreating the City as Entertainment Center: The Media Industry's Role in Transforming Potsdamer Platz and Times SquareFrank Roost
The Impact of the Built Environment on Crime and Fear of Crime in Urban NeighborhoodsJohn H. Schweitzer , June Woo Kim & Juliette R. Mackin
Life in the Real-Time City: Mobile Telephones and Urban MetabolismAnthony M. Townsend
Globalization and China's Quest for Advanced Urban InfrastructuresMing Zhang
Controlling Cascading Failure: Understanding the Vulnerabilities of Interconnected InfrastructuresRichard G. Little
Community Participation, Spatial Knowledge Production, and GIS Use in Inner-City RevitalizationRina Ghose
Urban design: Why don't we do it in the road? Modifying traffic behavior through legible urban designBen Hamilton-Baillie
Leaves, Pebbles, and Chalk: Building a Public Participation GIS in New Delhi, IndiaLorlene Hoyt , Renu Khosla & Claudia Canepa
New Technologies, Same Dilemmas: Policy and Design Issues for the Augmented CityAlessandro Aurigi
Urban Regeneration and Sustainable Communities: The Role of Networks, Innovation, and Creativity in Building Successful PartnershipsMark Deakin & Sam Allwinkle
The Horse as an Urban TechnologyJoel A. Tarr & Clay Mcshane
Cyberplace and Cyberspace: Two Approaches to Analyzing Digital Intercity LinkagesLomme Devriendt , Ben Derudder & Frank Witlox
Planning for the Hajj: Political Power, Pragmatism, and Participatory GISKheir Al-Kodmany
Does Urban Mobility Have a Daily Routine? Learning from the Aggregate Data of Mobile NetworksAndres Sevtsuk & Carlo Ratti
Smart Cities in EuropeAndrea Caragliu, Chiara Del Bo & Peter Nijkamp
Citizen Apps to Solve Complex Urban ProblemsKevin C. Desouza & Akshay Bhagwatwar
The Eco-City as Urban Technology: Perspectives on Caofeidian International Eco-City (China)Simon Joss & Arthur P. Molella
Exergy and the City: The Technology and Sociology of Power (Failure)Hugh Byrd & Steve Matthewman
Smart Cities: Definitions, Dimensions, Performance, and InitiativesVito Albino, Umberto Berardi & Rosa Maria Dangelico
Urbanize or Perish? Assessing the Urbanization of Knowledge Locations in EuropeWillem van Winden & Luis Carvalho
The First Two Decades of Smart-City Research: A Bibliometric AnalysisLuca Mora, Roberto Bolici & Mark Deakin
Smarter than Smart: Rio de Janeiro's Flawed Emergence as a Smart CityChristopher Gaffney & Cerianne Robertson