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Latin America and the Caribbean: Shaping urban form for health

Closing Date
19 November 2021

Cities & Health journal is seeking contributions for a special issue: Latin America and the Caribbean: Shaping urban form for health

This special issue will explore emerging issues for cities in the region affecting the health of people, planetary health and health equity through the lens of urban and territorial planning and design and spatial governance. Content from practitioners, policymakers and communities, in addition to or in collaboration with researchers, is especially welcome.

The development of this call has been supported through a pre-conference workshop at the 17th International Conference on Urban Health.

Thematic challenges and key questions

  • Development patterns and demographic change. What are the significant problematic trends in the region and how do we prevent/ resolve them to promote people’s health, health equity and planetary health?
  • Latin America and the Caribbean urban health research. How does research innovation play a role, and what are the methodological challenges still to be faced?
  • Issues for coastal living and small island states in the region. What are the major threats and models for governance, at all scales from local to multi -country partnerships, needed to face the specific challenges for coastal settlements and small island living?
  • Many ‘activist mayors’ have succeeded in bringing attention to health as a priority for governance in their cities and have initiated positive change. Can we distill the factors that underlie the obvious successes seen in city leadership for health, and are there wider lessons and best practices that may be replicated worldwide?
  • Grass roots – a diversity of voices and actions. How have communities initiated positive change, where is the community voice now, and what can be said about practices, partnering and potential?

Cross-cutting themes

Cutting through many of these challenges are issues of when, where and how the urban health agenda breaks through into publically and politically potent discourse; windows into the political economy. We welcome papers addressing this aspect of the agenda in Latin America and the Caribbean.

We are also developing a strong women and girls’ initiative within the journal and especially welcome contributions from female researchers and practitioner and contributions covering urban issues from the perspective of issues faced by women and girls.

Types of contribution

We welcome contributors who aspire to bridge the dividing walls between academics – practitioners – communities to solve problems largely created by our divisions.

We invite a variety of contributions including research papers, case studies, photo essays, reflective think-pieces and commentaries. Please see the journal website for details of submission requirements.

In particular, for this special issue, we want to support publication and dissemination of following:

Policy briefs and critical analysis of, or commentary on, policy briefs.

Short video abstracts or case study illustrations

Photo and image led contributions, essays and case studies.

Supporting contributors getting their messages heard

There are a number of developmental ideas associated with this call that are still being discussed. These include:

  • abstracts in Spanish and Portuguese
  • partnering with local media outlets and local journals
  • mentoring and support for early career practitioners and researchers wanting to be involved with the special issue
  • language support for authors

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Cities & Health has been established to support human and planetary health by sharing the international research and practice for urban health and health equity. Our mission is to provide practitioners, researchers and communities with a platform to share, discuss problems, and to shape solutions from a spatial planning, urban design and physical city governance perspective.
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Lead guest editor:

Olga Lucia Sarmiento, School of Medicine, Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá Colombia

Guest editors:

Anthony Clayton, Professor of Caribbean Sustainable Development at the University of the West Indies.

Carlos Dora, President, International Society for Urban Health

Gerry Eijkemans, Unit Chief, Health promotion and social determinants of health. PAHO/WHO

Mario Javier Matamoros Rosales, representative of the Honduran National Academy of Science

Jorge A. Neira, MD Argentina National Academy of Medicine, President, Fundación Trauma

Paulo Saldiva, MD Professor of Pathology, Faculty of Medicine of the university of São Paulo, Brazil

Giselle Sebag, Executive Director, International Society for Urban Health.

For Cities & Health:

Waleska Caiaffa, Editorial Board, Cities & Health

Marcus Grant, Editor-in-Chief, Cities & Health

Special Advisors

Ana Diez Roux, for research agendas and strategic oversight
Drexel University, Dean Dornsife School of Public Health and Director Drexel Urban Health Collaborative, Philadelphia, PA

Gina Lovasi, for capacity building with early career researchers and practitioners
Drexel University, Dornsife School of Public Health, Urban Health Collaborative, Philadelphia, PA.

Partner organisations for the special issue

ISUH, contact Jo Ivey Boufford

SALURBAL and LAC Urban Health, contact Ana Diez Roux

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