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Current Issues in Asian Tourism

Aims & Scope

Current Issues in Tourism is launching a companion, Current Issues in Asian Tourism, which will focus on papers and reviews of Asian tourism and comprise three extra issues in the journal annually. This very much reflects other Routledge journal initiatives where companions are being developed such as the Journal of Sports Sciences. The other reason for this initiative is the fact that Current Issues in Tourism is receiving an increasing number of submissions from Asia and more generally, investment in tourism education and research in Asian Universities is growing with a growing number of tourism academics and programmes in the region looking for publishing outlets.

Current Issues in Asian Tourism encourages in-depth discussion and critique of key questions within the subject as they relate to Asia. It offers a readable format for extended peer-reviewed papers, commentaries, letters and reviews, all designed to spark off further debate. It contains both applied and theoretical work that addresses tourism inquiry, method and practice. Lively and rigorous, it welcomes contributions from the broad gamut of subjects that make up the stuff of tourism studies in Asia.

Current Issues in Asian Tourism is designed to be accessible to both new and experienced researchers and practitioners. The principal aims are to: encourage the full range of approaches which are available to the study of tourism in Asia; bring together researchers from different subject backgrounds for interdisciplinary and post-disciplinary debate on Asian issues related to tourism, hospitality, events and cognate subjects; provide a basis for the development of critical approaches to the study of Asian tourism; disseminate new approaches, concepts, frameworks, methods, models and practices which may be developed in the study of tourism in Asia; and promote new Asian tourism research.

Current Issues in Asian Tourism aims for a rapid turnaround of submissions and encourages short commentaries and rejoinders. In addition to normal length submissions, Current Issues in Asian Tourism also welcomes extended peer-reviewed papers on a single topic that combine detailed literature reviews with substantive empirical research and/or policy analysis. All papers are peer-reviewed. We also welcome supplementary material in the form of video, audio, photographs and additional information about data that can be placed online that is not otherwise included in the paper.


Current Issues in Tourism

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