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Child & Family Behavior Therapy celebrates its 40th Anniversary!

Child & Family Behavior Therapy is a multi-dimensional source for contemporary applied research addressing the needs of children, adults, and their families, as well as practitioners and researchers. This peer reviewed/peer refereed journal offers original research, examples, and behavioral procedures for practitioners and educators. Editor Dr. Charles Diament along with Book Review Editor Dr. Howard Paul, bring together leading internationally known experts on evidence based practice to review developments in the field and highlight implications for clinical practice.

This journal focuses on the practical applications of broadly defined behavior therapy (behavior therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, applied behavior analysis). The demonstrably validated evidence-based interventions from around the world will facilitate the work of child psychologists, psychiatrists, teachers, social workers, school counselors, family therapists, researchers, and other practitioners. Regular features include extensive book reviews, case studies, and technique innovations.

Child & Family Behavior Therapy examines such issues as:

  • interventions for parents as well as children
  • school and homework issues
  • social skills development 
  • comprehensive behavioral interventions 

This state-of-the-art journal has addressed a broad range of populations, topics and issues, including:

  • homework for adolescents—self- and parental monitoring
  • behavioral problems in preschoolers
  • parental tolerance for child misbehavior
  • the effectiveness of a standard parenting skill programs 
  • interventions for infant and toddler sleep disturbance
  • mothers' and fathers' discipline of hard-to-manage toddlers
  • applied behavior analysis intervention for Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • simplified habit reversal plus adjunct contingencies in the treatment of thumb sucking and hair pulling
  • the effects of mothers' depression on the behavioral assessment of disruptive child behavior
  • the behavioral treatment of a young adult with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • gender issues, cultural issues, ethnic issues, and family issues

Why publish in Child & Family Behavior Therapy?

  • Make a significant impact. Child & Family Behavior Therapy is a well-established and highly respected journal.
  • Grow your readership. The journal has wide readership among the members of the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists, and across the globe.
  • Be an established author in your field. Essays published in Child & Family Behavior Therapy are authored by leading internationally known experts.
  • Broaden your reach. Child & Family Therapy publishes scholarship that addresses the needs of children, adults, and their families, as well as practitioners and researchers.

In addition to publishing in this prestigious benefits authors will be able to:

  • Validate your research through a robust, single or double-blind peer review process;
  • Increase your opportunities for future collaboration;
  • Share your research with 50 free e-prints and tips on promoting your article courtesy of our Author Resources site;
  • Immediately see the impact of your research made in the community: track downloads, citations, and the Altmetric Score of your article on My Authored Works;
  • and much more!

Editorial Information

Charles Diament, PhD
Psychotherapy Associates, Red Bank, NJ

Book Review Editor:
Howard Paul, PhD, ABPP
Institute for Behavior and Family Therapy, North Brunswick, NJ

Child & Family Behavior Therapy

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Article TitleAuthor(s)VolumeIssue
Open-Trial Pilot of Parent-Child Interaction Therapy for Children With Autism Spectrum DisorderKimberly R. Zlomke, PhD, Kathryn Jeter, MS & Jillian Murphy, MS391
Making Sense of ADHD: Overcoming the Unique Conditions and the Complexity of Coexisting ConditionsHoward A. Paul, PhD, ABPP411
Do Parents' Adverse Childhood Experiences Influence Treatment Responses to Parent-Child Interaction Therapy? An exploratory Study with a Child Welfare SampleKatelyn Blair, PhD, James Topitzes, PhD & Joshua P. Mersky, PhD411
Handbook of Child Adolescent AggressionHoward A. Paul, PhD, ABPP411
Gender and Age Differences in Social Skills Among Children with ADHD: Peer Problems and Prosocial BehaviorBetty Ragnarsdottir, Cand. Psych, Dagmar Kr. Hannesdottir, PhD, Freyr Halldorsson, PhD & Urdur Njardvik, PhD404

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