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Taylor & Francis Group 化学优质期刊



作为全球领先的学术出版集团,Taylor & Francis Group 在化学领域著述丰硕,不仅拥有以世界知名科技类出版品牌CRC Press 为有力依托的理论、教育类经典图书,同时也拥有众多高影响力的国际学术期刊及电子资源,是化学研究和实践应用中不可或缺的重要参考来源.

Catalysis Reviews: Science and Engineering
13.600 (2021)
Publishes international research on catalytic science and engineering, including advances in technology and theory and chemical aspects of catalytic reactions.
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Polymer Reviews
14.536 (2021)
Publishes research on all ares of macromolecular science and engineering, including biomedical applications, organic electronics, photonics and nanostructures.
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Comments on Inorganic Chemistry
5.476 (2021)
Presents critical discussions on new or old concepts vital for advancing any area of inorganic chemistry like synthesis, structure, spectroscopy and kinetics.
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Green Chemistry Letters and Reviews
6.016 (2021)
Publishes work on research, education and application of green chemistry theories focusing on new syntheses and procedures for hazardous material elimination.
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Materials Research Letters
8.516 (2021)
Publishes works on the engineering, technology and applications of materials, materials physics and chemistry for novel and emergent materials.
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Science and Technology of Advanced Materials
7.662 (2021)
Science and Technology of Advanced Materials (STAM) publishes research across disciplines of materials science, physics, chemistry, biology and engineering, including functional and structural materials.
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Journal of Asian Ceramic Societies
2.546 (2021)
An open access journal that publishes research on the science and technology of ceramics, glasses, composites, and related materials.
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Designed Monomers and Polymers
3.718 (2021)
Publishes research on macromolecular design and applications, including monomer synthesis, new polymers and monomers and polymerization kinetics and mechanisms.
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Analytical Chemistry

Separation & Purification Reviews
7.889 (2021)
Covers methods, apparatus, theories and applications for separation and purification topics like adsorption, centrifugation, chromatography and crystallization.
Critical Reviews in Analytical Chemistry
5.686 (2021)
Publishes interdisciplinary reviews on analytical chemistry and related measurement sciences, focusing on recent and future developments and the field’s status.
Separation Science and Technology
2.799 (2021)
Publishes work on processes and applications in separation science, including adsorption/absorption, extraction, precipitation and reactive separation.

Chemical Engineering

Liquid Crystals Reviews
3.700 (2021)
Publishes fundamental and applied experimental and theoretical work on properties, molecular design, synthesis and engineering of liquid crystals and devices.
Ozone: Science & Engineering
2.604 (2021)
Publishes research on technologies of ozone and oxidation, including treatment of drinking water and wastewater, water reuse and ozone generation.
Solvent Extraction and Ion Exchange
3.695 (2021)
Publishes works on all aspects of solvent extraction and ion exchange, involving liquid membranes, chromatography, adsorption and various fluids and liquids.

Environmental Chemistry

SAR and QSAR in Environmental Research
3.681 (2021)
Publishes works on structure-activity/structure-property relationships in environmental science, agrochemistry, toxicology, pharmacology and applied chemistry.
Isotopes in Environmental and Health Studies
1.667 (2021)
Publishes papers on stable isotope studies in geological and life sciences with an emphasis on ecology, including topics like isotope effects and application.

Inorganic Chemistry

Journal of Sulfur Chemistry
2.325 (2021)
Focuses on sulfur chemistry, including organic and inorganic, industrial and biological chemistry and interdisciplinary studies related to sulfur science.
Journal of Coordination Chemistry
1.869 (2021)
Publishes results on syntheses, properties (biological, chemical and physical) and reaction kinetics for coordination complexes (metal-ligand interactions).

Materials Science

International Materials Reviews
15.750 (2021)
IMR publishes critical reviews in materials science and engineering, including structural ceramic, composite materials and electronic materials industries.
Critical Reviews in Solid State and Materials Sciences
11.178 (2021)
Publishes state-of-the-art experimental and theoretical reviews of solid state materials formation, properties, processing and applications.
Journal of Biomaterials Science, Polymer Edition
3.682 (2021)
Publishes research on properties of polymeric biomaterials, including polymers for drug delivery, tissue engineering, large molecules in living organisms like DNA.
The Journal of Adhesion
2.446 (2021)
International research on adhesion and its practical applications including the science and technology of surfaces, innovative designs and materials.
Materials Science and Technology
2.060 (2021)
Materials Science and Technology publishes research on the fundamental and technological aspects of materials science, materials engineering and technology.

Organic Chemistry

Polycyclic Aromatic Compounds
2.195 (2021)
Interdisciplinary forum for research on polycyclic aromatic compounds ranging from fundamental (chemistry and physics) to applied (toxicology and biochemistry).
Synthetic Communications
1.937 (2021)
Publishes international research on new synthetic methods, reagents, catalysis and synthesis in organic chemistry, focusing on organic synthesis.

Physical Chemistry

International Reviews in Physical Chemistry
7.478 (2021)
Publishes reviews and general and authoritative works of current and frontier research areas in physical chemistry, chemical physics and theoretical chemistry.
Physics and Chemistry of Liquids
1.838 (2021)
Aimed at enhancing the knowledge of the physical and chemical aspects of liquids, including monoatomic, charged, molecular and quantum fluids and superfluids.

Polymer Chemistry

International Journal of Polymeric Materials and Polymeric Biomaterials
3.221 (2021)
Publishes research on polymeric biomaterials, biomedical polymers and biocompatible nanopolymers, and controlled release technology and applications.
Polymer-Plastics Technology and Materials
2.439 (2021)
Publishes research on polymeric materials (biopolymers and specialty polymers), polymer-plastic technologies, applied polymer science and polymer applications.
International Journal of Polymer Analysis and Characterization
1.837 (2021)
Publishes papers on the analysis and characterization of polymers and polymeric-based materials, including blends, fibers, polysaccharides and biopolymers.

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